Review: The Lady's Maid

The Lady's Maid
The Lady's Maid by Geneva DeCroix

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was totally worth it. I would have paid money for this book. I'm not a big historical erotica fan. Nor have I really read great BDSM from the historical age. It's not my thing. Now after reading Ms. DeCroix's book, I'm changing my tune. In this hot corporal punishment book, I'm left dripping wet. I really liked the Lord and Lady of the house disciplining their servants. This book had it all - M/f/M, F/f, m/m/m and a bit of f/m. I'm really hoping this isn't just a one off book. I hope she writes more! I want to read more about the Lady's Maid now that she is in her new position. I'd like to read more of Lady Constance. Jessalina - you cheeky little minx. I hope she gets into more trouble so that she's disciplined more thoroughly. Ms. DeCroix - may I respectfully recommend some figging? ^_^

I recommend this to BDSM readers who enjoy a good plot with some hot corporal punishment and smexy scenes.

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