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One Kiss
One Kiss by Silvia Violet

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

Coming home for Christmas, you find your high school crush has settled back in your hometown. You only shared one kiss with him, but you haven't forgotten. Jake and Ben knew each other years ago. Jake lusted and trailed after Ben like a lovesick puppy. Ben left to become a chef and he's back now as the new owner of a well loved town bakery. Jake is home from the holidays during the school break.

ONE KISS is a sweet short contemporary romance. Friends becoming lovers is a sweet theme and this one is all sugary. Jake does have a hang up which ends up hurting Ben. The misunderstanding is easily resolved. The scene with chocolate and sex was hot and tasty. It gave me a couple of ideas I'd like to try.

Ms. Violet is not a new to me author, however this is a first for me for a contemporary m/m piece from her. I have to say I prefer her kinky paranormal romances better. They are hotter and sexier for me. This one was a tad too sweet. I recommend this to m/m lovers who love sweet happily ever afters.

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dave94015 said…
Are you less enthusiastic about this book because it is too sweet or because of the HEA ending (or both)?
As for me, I prefer m/m fiction with a lot more agressiveness from the characters, conflict-laden plots, etc. but I don't mind the HEA endings.
Still, coming home and getting reacquainted with one's HS sweetheart is a nice fantasy tale (if only it were true in real-life).
It was too sweet for me and really, just too short. The way it was resolved was too easy. There was no big conflict. I think this was just a nice little teaser story for people to read for the holidays. I like it a bit more aggressive with conflicts that aren't so easy to overcome.

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