Review: Paws On Me

Paws On Me
Paws On Me by Silvia Violet

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

Friends are all finding themselves in hot relationships. When will Seth find his mate? Overworked and tired, Seth is assigned to yet another homicide. Sexy Seth finally meets his man. Brandon is a bear shifter who owns a club where two wolf shifters have been killed.

Brandon is a terrible flirt who catches Seth's eyes. He messes up Seth's investigation and then proceeds to dig his way into Seth's life. This latest in the series was fast paced. The main point of the story was really about Seth coming to grips with a meaningful relationship.

What confused me about the story were the chapter headings which indicated a blog. Why is it a blog? I understand the change in point of views, switching between Seth and Brandon. I just didn't comprehend the need of "Seth's blog" and "Brandon's blog".

While this story was light and easily resolved, I still enjoyed it because of the smexy scenes. When Brandon and Seth get together in bed, boy is it hot. I'm really enjoying the male on male interaction. Ms. Violet writes it smoldering hot. This was a sweet addition to her shifter series. I recommend this short hot little number to m/m lovers who want a happily ever after.

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