Review: Safeword: Storm Clouds

Safeword: Storm Clouds
Safeword: Storm Clouds by Candace Blevins

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Is this the same author who wrote Safeword: Rainbow? I'm a bit confused. I would have expected the same world since it started with "safeword". The world here is different and threw me. I had to run back and check the book blurb and go, "Yup, there are vampires in this book." Half way through the book I had to say, WTF? There are shifters in this book too? And an unexplained supernatural? Wait, is this a BDSM book or a paranormal romance. I'm so confused. That confusion aside, I liked the book.

I like the vampire mythology in this book and I liked the main characters. I found them to be fun. I liked the Master vampire Abbot. I'd like to learn more about him. Ranger the uncle was intriguing too. I want to read more about him.

What I liked in the book:
1. Okay, the sounding was HOT. Fucking HOT.
2. The two sex scenes were tasty too.
3. Explaining the rules of the world was helpful... but at times I felt like I was receiving a lecture in a class - Vampires 101.
4. Rope Bondage - woohoo!
6. Fighting Leon. KICK HIS ASS! KICK HIS ASS! Show him who's boss! Love the bloody gory fight.

What I didn't like in the book:
W.T.F - they are switches to each other? Yes, I know this works in real life. I know several couples who are switches with their SO. I don't like it. I don't care. I don't like it. Yes it is the author's prerogative to do so. Eric is wired to be a Dom and preference to be a Dom yet now submitting to Kendra? That just doesn't work for me. If he was a switch to begin with, I'm okay with it. Okay, maybe he "learned" to expand his horizons and can be a switch with certain people. Based on how he was written, I just don't see it. It rubs me the WRONG way. Personally if I top a person, I can't bottom for them. It just doesn't work for me. If however, that person tops me better than I can top them, then I won't top them again. I refuse to top for them. That's just how I'm wired. It may not be for others, but it is for me. This is why the story bothered me.

I felt that there were too many things going on with the book. Introductions of new players who were supernatural threw me. Is there going to be a follow up book on these? If not, then the book feels a bit all over the place. What about the almost fiance for Kendra? What happens with him? What about Ranger? What goes on with him? What does he do for the private firm he now works for? What about Eric's step dad? Is there a point to bringing up his resentment of his mother replacing his dad so quick? There must be a point, right?

This book is best read as a standalone. Don't expect it to be a continuation of Rainbow. If you do, you'll be confused and perhaps upset.

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