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Slave by Sherri Hayes

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a new to me author, Ms. Hayes. I heard good reviews about this book. Specifically, it showed from a Dom's point of view. This interested me and I finally read it last night. I really like this book. The switching between Stephen (Dom) and Brianna (slave) was good for me in this book. Generally, I don't like the flipping of POV. I want it from just one person's perspective. Flipping back and forth is annoying in most cases and sloppy. I particularly liked how each chapter denoted if it was from Stephen or Brianna perspective. This may not work for some, but it worked well for me.

What is it about this book I enjoyed so much?

1. There are predators out there and they can break a person. This book demonstrated that while this is true, it isn't everyone. There are people out there who aren't cruel and heartless, yet they are still Tops who will discipline a bottom.

2. There is a distinction made between a submissive and a slave. It may not be clear enough for those who aren't in the lifestyle. But those who are even in the fringes, they get it.

3. This book is different in that there was no sex play, it was mainly focused on the protective side of a D/s relationship. The main point was trust and willingness to submit. I loved how this was shown in different actions.

4. Those in not in the lifestyle and who find it to be bad, they aren't the ones who knows what is right for someone in the lifestyle. It's kind of like a person who has never had lost a loved one to death to help a person who's just watched their love one die. Yes, the person means well and can help in some cases, but they are not the best person to reach out. It's not the same. Or better yet, having a virgin help a rape victim through the issues surrounding a rape. Can a virgin help? Certainly, but it's not the same. In Slave, we see Uncle Richard pushing his agenda in a situation where he has absolutely NO understanding. So many times I wanted to smack Uncle Richard off his freaking high horse. God I loathe him. His condescension and condemnation of Stephen just pisses me off.

5. Brianna isn't a TSTL character. She's young, innocent and forced into this lifestyle. She's trying but she honestly is clueless because she's so damn young. God I feel so badly for her.

I did have several questions that aren't answered and I hope the author answers them.

1. Why the F did Tina lay out Stephen's lifestyle on a silver platter to Uncle Richard?
2. I want to know about Brianna's past.
3. Why the F did the book end?!?!?!? Where's the rest of it? GAH!

Which leads me to... Ms. Hayes, get your little writing butt into gear. I want to read a follow up book to this. LOL I recommend this book to new and old BDSM readers alike. This is a sweet book about a bad situation. Great D/s scenes.

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