Review: The Submissive Bride: A Novel of Victorian Age-Play and Discipline

The Submissive Bride: A Novel of Victorian Age-Play and Discipline
The Submissive Bride: A Novel of Victorian Age-Play and Discipline by Carolyn Faulkner

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Age play is one of those kinky taboo stories that many people won't read or write about. I happen to be a lover of age-play and love getting my grubby hands on a good age-play story. I can always trust Ms. Faulkner to give a me a tasty age-play story. This new one is a second in the "little miss" series. This is hot. When I was reading this story, I was totally aroused. This is a form of TPE which turns me on to read. Now would I like it 24/7? Probably not. But reading about a woman forced into a little girl or even diapered baby 24/7 is hot for me. It's humiliating and so controlling.

I liked all the main characters in the book. King was pretty crafty and I liked that about him. I liked how he built his own cabin and his ABDL toys and furniture for Aubrielle. He's actually quite the nice daddy. He's not unreasonable (except for that nasty gruel for breakfast). He does a great job of training Aubrielle. He even helps her become better educated which I appreciated. He cares. I wish he would have violated her asshole more though. I love the anal play.

Aubrielle is really a wild child. She has no discipline and she really can't survive on her own. Her stint at the orphanage did no good. She has no skills and really, being loved and cared for by King is a great step up. I kind of envy her a bit. It's nice to be carried for and not worry about anything for a while. And well, Aubrielle is a red head. I have that weakness for these red heads. I'd love to have Aubrielle as my little baby to dominate.

I loved the Nanny! Emily is great. I wish Emily would have done more sexually with Aubrielle. I wish she'd have forced Aubrielle to lick her. That would have been some fun F/f I'd enjoy. For a "grown" woman of 19 to have a Nanny is so humiliating and it's just such a guilty pleasure for me. At times I wished I was Emily to dominate poor Aubrielle.

Lastly, I want to know why King doesn't build a special rocking chair for Aubrielle. It could have two seated "handles" to keep Aubrielle rocking along.

Overall, I give this book a 4 star because I love the subject and I'd read it again. Recommended for the ABDL lovers.

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