White Collar Crimes

Chapter One The Tour

I clutched my four passes tightly in my left hand as I waited in front of the men’s correctional facility. I leaned against the flag pole nervously looking left and right. Women were slowly starting to show up. As usual, I arrived to my destination early to scope out the place and figure out what we needed to do. I’m a bit OCD this way. I noticed a brunette walking towards me with a kindle in hand and a matching t-shirt to mine stating, “Kindle Smut Group.”

Waving, I shouted, “SB! It’s BA! Yoohoo! Over here!”.

The brunette’s eyes light up as she hurried in my direction. “BA? Is it really you? How do I know it’s you?’

I whispered my part of the secret phrase into her ear. Watching her lips widen into a smile, I knew I passed my part of the test. When she covered her mouth to my ear and whispered her matching phrase, my heart beat faster. This was it! Two of us were here.

As we were chatting, another brunette had walked up to us. Touching SB on the shoulder she asked, “SB? BA? It’s Marilicous. Just call me Mari.” After she proved her identity, we giggled as we waited for our last member in the group.

We turned to look behind us at the building when we heard a woman cry out, “I’m sorry! I thought you were someone I knew.” I thought, uh oh, I think we found Paws. I quickly ran to the blonde and tapped her on the arm.

“Paws? It’s BA.”

“Oh thank god. I just told the woman I like it doggy style and she told me I was a disgusting pervert!”

“Um, I told you I was CHINESE, not Korean. The woman you accosted is a skinny bitch. Do I look skinny to you? I told you RED coat with Kindle Smut t-shirt. Where is your t-shirt?”

“I forgot it!”

“Okay, come on. SB and Mari are here. Let’s go in.”

Now that the four of us were together, I led them to a side door. Pushing the buzzer, we waited for the door to open. “There you are, ***” the male prison guard started to say as he opened the door.

“Shush! Not my real name! BA, please” I urged.

“Sorry, B.A.” he rolled eyes. “I’ve been waiting for you and your friends. Now give me the tickets and I’ll give you the tour.”

We handed him our golden tickets and walked through the door. The guard’s name plate stated, “James”. James closed the door behind us as other women rushed to catch his attention. “Good lord, these women are crazy. This whole idea is crazy. But you know, we are under budget crunch and it’s the latest gimmick our illustrious warden came up with. So far, it’s the most profitable.”

“Okay Ladies. Here’s the rules. No touching. You can look, shout, and scream but no touching. We don’t allow any sort of sexual harassment of our male prisoners.”

I snorted. “You have got to be kidding me. I paid good money to get my friends in here so we can do stuff to these guys.”

“No, you only have the tickets to watch, not participate. Besides, you have to go through an evaluation before they allow you to purchase the participation tickets. Now, shut up and follow me.”

We followed James like goslings to a mother goose. Going through the next set of doors, we stopped at a security point. It looked similar to an airport security line. Following my usual drill, I removed all the items out of my pockets and placed it in a tray. I slipped off my shoes and went through the metal detector. Once all four of us made it through, I looked for James. He stood next to a door to the right. I walked over to him as he beckoned me with his hand.

“Okay, from here on out, there will be video feeds. This is for both yours and the prisoners’ protection. Your ticket gives you access to the mess hall, medical, showers and the prison yard. You have only 4 hours here. I suggest you choose wisely.”

“Four hours? I thought we were able to be here the full day” I pouted.

“Not this time. This is only to whet your appetite.”

“When do the four hours start?” SB asked.

“When we walk through those doors” James answered.

“Can you tell us what is going to happen in each one?” questioned Paws.

“Sure. I’ll give you an overview. The mess hall is where the guys are fed. We make it interesting by having them fed as animals or babies. They get to pick.”

“Yes!” I jumped in glee. “I wanna see that one. Are they in diapers? Do they eat baby food? How about the animals? Dogs? Cats? Are they dressed like them? Do they have tails?”

“Pass. I’m not interested in that one. Tell us about the shower.” SB stated. I harrumphed.

“The showers are where the guys get totally cleaned out. The prison yard is where they wrestle. Loser gets it in the ass or has to suck cock. The medical – well, that’s where the nurses have their fun.” James shuddered. “I hate the medical. I’ll walk you through each place. You guys can decide to stay together or split up. And lastly, NO CAMERAS! We do not allow any videotaping or photographing.”

“Awww, dammit. I brought my new digital camera to take pictures” Mari cried.


Heads hanging, we each handed over our digital cameras to collect after the tour. James opened the door and we went waltzed in with excitement. Finally, we get to see some m/m action in real life. With the new piracy laws in place, a whole bunch of college students, athletes and computer geeks were incarcerated for a year. That was the minimal penalty for getting caught downloading copyrighted materials. What the lawmakers didn’t take into account, was the lack of prison space and the cost of upkeep. Since most of these guys were white collar criminals, placing them in the existing prisons were dangerous. New detention centers had to be built. Building and maintaining the prisons costs a lot of money. The taxpayers were complaining about the increase in taxes to support these guys.

In Arizona, the Governor privatized the centers and let the wardens free rein to support the prisons. The facility we were visiting sold tickets to allow people to watch the prisoners enjoy the benefits of prison life. Prisoners who participated in the program were let out earlier. They had to suffer through humiliations, but then would experience freedom sooner. Our KS friend Jaime helped us get to the top of the queue to purchase the tickets. We hoped to see her in action. She didn’t tell us which room she was going to be working.

First stop, the showers. The showers looked like a regular old gym locker room showers. It was a big tiled room with shower heads. It was a really large room. I counted about fifteen showerheads along the walls. There were two pillars in the middle of the room with eight shower heads each. The room was filled with men. I didn’t know where to look.

I glanced at SB. Her brown eyes were glazed over. Drool started to collect at the corner of her mouth as it gaped open wide.

“OH MY GOD!” squealed Mari. She pointed to the left. “It’s Jamie! She looks just like her picture! Well, the bitch looks skinnier now that she lost 11 lbs. But it’s definitely Jamie.” Mari jumped up and down waving, “Jaime! It’s us!!! Yoo hoo! We’re here!”

I looked over to a blond chick with her hair wet and wavy. She was wearing a light blue bikini. Well, I think she had a bikini thong bottom. All I saw was the blue thong covering her asshole. When I looked up at her head, she looked over her left shoulder and smiled at us. She waved and turned back to the ass she was plowing. I watched mesmerized as she thrust into the bent figure in front of her. She slapped the guy’s right butt cheek a few times after a few thrusts.

She slipped her left fingers in his hair and pulled his head back. With her right hand, she reached around him. I bet she was grabbing his dick. She leaned over him and whispered something in his left ear. I heard him scream, “OH GOD NO! Please Mistress Jaime, I beg you. NO! I’ll be your good little bitch. Please. I’m begging you”.

Her laughter filled my ears as she let go of his head, grabbed onto his hips with both hands and plowed his ass harder. She was like the Energizer Bunny. Now I know how she lost all that weight. She claims it was the healthy eating. I think it was the vigorous fucking. It’s quite the cardio. As she continued her workout, SB hip checked me.

“Check out your 1 o’clock”

I looked to my right and saw a guy being spit roasted on his hands and knees. Even though all the guys were hand cuffed, there seemed to be some guys in power. The cute little red head was getting a workout. A large black guy was shoving his thick dick down the guy’s throat. The black dude was built! God he was fine. “Wow, would you check out the guy’s abs! He is cut.”

“Damn straight, BA. I wonder if he is cut or uncut” SB snickered.

“Girls, look at the guy fucking his ass. I didn’t know a geeky guy could be so damn long.” Mari exclaimed.

I looked at the tall guy fucking the red head’s ass. I did a double take. OMG. It’s my co-worker! We had wondered what happened to him. Wow, his 42 year old body looked great naked. And damn, he had a very long dick, if not thick. Perfect for anal.

“I know that guy! OMG!” I squeaked.

“Come, you little bitch, come for me!” Jaime shouted.

We quickly looked back over as Jaime piston-ed in and out of the cute boy’s ass. A groan with accompanying cum drizzled on the shower floor brought a cheer from our little group. Once the guy came, Jaime pulled out and swung around to our direction.

“FUCK! What the hell is she wearing?” Paws yelled.

Wow, now that is a strapon. It was the thickness of a beer can and at least 9 inches long. That poor guy really had his asshole reamed out. I looked over to his still bent over body and was treated to a sight of his gaping asshole. I winced in sympathy.

Jaime walked up and stopped at the bars separating us. “Hey ladies! How are you? Enjoying the show?”

“I can’t believe you lucky bitch! You are pegging his ass! How many guys have you pegged? Will you peg another one for us?” I demanded.

“BA, you are such a deviant bitch. Sure. Which one do you want to see dump his load? It embarrasses them when they cum from me fucking their ass” she smirked.

Mari, Paws, SB and huddled as we discussed which guy we wanted taking it in the ass. Jaime kindly lined up ten of them in front of us. Head hanging, hands cuffed behind their back, they shivered and tried to shrink into themselves. I wanted the tough looking Italian guy. Mari wanted the young blonde with a funny goate. Paws wanted the tall skinny geek. SB pointed at the guy who was uncut. We finally decided on the guy who was uncut.

“Jaime, we want the uncut guy. Can you have him facing us so we can watch his face as you peg him?” SB asked.

“Sure! I’ll cuff his hands to the bars. Just don’t touch him, okay? I don’t want to get in trouble.”

The rest of the guys scurried away as the long blonde hair guy started to snivel. Jaime uncuffed his hands and led them right in front of Paws. She put his hands through the bars and cuffed them on our side. I have to admit, my pussy was wet. I wanted to see this guy get it in the ass.

“Please, don’t ruin my ass. I can’t take that monster” he cried. Jaime had pulled his body back so he was bent over and his head lowered below us. I’m not sure when Jaime did it, but she swapped out her strapon for a cute pink one. It wasn’t too long. It looked to be about 6 inches and it was no thicker than a banana. Pfft. It was a baby dick. He would barely feel it.

“OMG! Jaime! That thing is bigger than the last one! You are going to split the poor boy open” I screamed.

Jaime smirked at me as she poured lube all over the dildo. She flipped her wet hair back behind her shoulder and then put a finger to her lips. She winked and shook her head as she pointed to the lube.

Getting in on the mind fuck, Paws cried, “Oh Jaime, he’s so young. Do you have to rip his ass open by dry fucking him? Come on. At least give him some spit.”

The boy openly started sobbing. Jaime grabbed his long wet locks and pulled his head up so he could look us in the eyes. His beautiful green eyes were glistening with tears. The fear on his face increased my lust and excitement. I peeked at the other three women. Uh oh. They weren’t looking happy. They looked uncomfortable.

Before they could object, Jaime thrust the strapon into his ass in one stroke. His mouth opened wide and let out a bloodcurdling screech. I even winced at his shock and pain. His eyes squeezed tight and he started to babble, “I’m a good boy. I won’t pirate anymore. I’m a good little boy. Don’t hurt me, please Mistress Jaime.”

Distressed, SB reached out to caress his hair. I grabbed her hand. “Don’t touch! We’ll get in trouble” I hissed. “Take a look at his dick. If he was really that upset, he wouldn’t have such a hard on. Don’t fall for his poor little boy act!”

At his laughter, we all looked down at the boy. Well, he looked like a young boy to me. His eyes were still closed, but he was no longer looking like he was in pain. Glancing down, we saw Jaime’s right hand wrapped around the top of his dick, pulling his foreskin back. As she stroked his dick, the head was playing peek-a-boo. I started to get aroused again as I saw the tip wet with precum. Jaime increased both her stroking of his dick and thrusting in his ass. His mouth opened and a moan slipped out.

“Ohh, he likes it. Can we call him Mikey?” Mari cooed.

“Mikey likes it?” Paws snorted.

As Jaime increased her speed, we watched Mikey push back against her. The girls were now back in the game. Relieved, my shoulders dropped. I didn’t even know I was tensed up. Soon, we were chanting, “Make him SQUIRT! Make him SQUIRT! Make him SQUIRT!”

The groans and panting from Mikey made my panties wet. Jaime was getting into it too as I saw her close her eyes.

“GOD! I’m cumming!” Mikey yelled.

“Gah! He squirted on me” Mari squealed.

SB, Paws and I burst out laughing as Mari tried to wipe the cum off her pants. There was a long wet line from her knee down to her tennis shoe. “How am I going to explain this to my husband?” she groaned.

“Satisfied, Ladies?” Jaime queried.


“Where shall we go to next?” I asked.

“I’m staying here. Did you see those two guys frenching to your 10 o’clock?” SB asked. I rolled my eyes and let them know I wanted to see the medical room. Waving at the girls, I headed off.

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