Yards of Dicks

Chapter Two Yards of Dicks

“Wait! BA, I’m coming with you. Can we go to the Prison Yard instead? I love wrestling.” Paws cajoled.

“I’m coming too!” Mari ran to catch up to us.

“Okey dokey. Where’s James? Isn’t he supposed to give us a tour? Bloody bastard. Well, the sign ahead says Prison yard to the left.”

We turned left and pushed open the double doors. Squinting at the bright sunlight, I peered at the open area. My jaw dropped as I took a closer look at the yard. I stopped in my tracks.

“BA! What the hell? Keep moving, I want to see” pushed Paws.

“You guys aren’t going to believe this.” There was a playground to the left. But it was unlike any playground I’d ever seen. There were swing sets but they weren’t the type for kids to swing on. Every swing had a guy either face up or face down tethered to the swing. Another guy with his hands bound to the hanging chains stood groin to ass, fucking the bound man. This was taking sex swings to another level.

The monkey bars had men hanging from each bar in various positions. Some were sideways. Some where V shaped with their legs spread wide and above their head. A couple were even bent over, doubled up. Each hanging man had either a dick in their ass or in their mouth. Forgetting the girls, I walked over to the seesaw to see why the guys on it were grimacing. Their hands were cuffed to the handles. Their legs were bound to the seesaw as if they were sitting with their legs straight out. On each side of the wooden seesaw, a woman stood behind to push the side down after it had gone up. One woman with a red bracelet grinned and laughed every time she jumped up to reach the end and push it down with a jerk. The long haired brunette twirled the strands of her hair which escaped her pony tail. Looking over, at us, she stared at my chest.

What the hell? Is she a lesbian? Why is she staring at my chest?

“Kindle Smut group? BA? Is that you?” she asked.

“Yes, I’m BA. Who the fuck are you?”

Paws leaned towards me and pulled my head to her pink lips. She whispered, “Wasn’t T saying that she might make it here? Didn’t she brag about playing with the prison toys? How come she gets to play with the boys and we can’t?”

We strolled over to the leggy brunette. I checked out her red bracelet. Naked Kombat sucks dick “T! It is you!” I ran to give her a hug. “What are you doing?”

“Well, I’m helping the boys here enjoy a good ride. Here, take this and play with the knob.”

I looked at the small black device in my hand. It only had a knob with numbers on it. It was set on three. I turned it to ten and dropped the device when I heard a loud screech. T scrambled to pick up the device from the ground.

“BA! What the fuck? What did you do?”

“I dunno. I just turned up the knob to ten. What does it do? Can you make him stop screaming?”

The lanky dirty blond was screaming his head off. “Make it stop! Make it stop! GOD DAMMIT! YOU FUCKING BITCH! STOP IT! PLEASE!”

“Dammit, BA. You turned the setting to max.” T dusted off the device and turned the knob to the left. “This is the controller to the TENS unit butt plug in the guy’s ass. Each one of us on the seesaw gets a remote control to the metal butt plug. I’ve been told that when it’s turned on high, it feels like your ass it getting fucked hard. This one, he doesn’t like getting his ass fucked which is why he’s on the seesaw to learn to like it. Notice the device on his dick? Every time he goes up and down, it tugs on his dick like a pussy stroking him. Apparently this is to train him to enjoy getting his ass fucked. Pretty cool, huh?”

“Wow! That is awesome. Can I have the device again? What happens if we keep turning the knob up and down? Can we move the seesaw faster? Does he feel it more?”

“BA, you are a sadistic bitch, aren’t you?”

I tilted my head to the left and batted my eyelashes. “I just wanna play a little. Please?”

“I wish we could, but my time is up for the seesaw. Let’s go to the wrestling mats.”

I remembered Paws and Mari. I searched for them and found them at the merry go round. I bent over chortling. After a moment, I stood back up and wiped my eyes.

“Pretty cool, huh?”

“Those asses are bright red. How long are they on the merry go round?” I asked and we walked over for a closer inspection.

“They are on it for fifteen minutes at a time. If you pass the evaluation, you can hold the paddle.”

“How the hell is the merry go round moving? I don’t get it? Is it automated?”

In front of me, Paws and Mari were standing like statues. Their eyes glued to the naked feast in front of us. Instead of a bar to hold onto, there was a wooden padded bench where a man was bent over, ass out. Each ass was red from the spankings as the men spun around with women holding paddles to smack the ass as it went around. There were twelve men bound to the device and only four women holding paddles. I finally noticed the twelve men on spinning bikes behind the merry go round.

Moving around to the bikes, I could understand the reason for the grimaces. From the profile view, I could see a thick dildo on each bike seat moving up and down as the men peddled. “Let me guess, their spinning generates the power required to spin the merry go round” I theorized.

T clapped her hands. “Yup! Got it in one!”

“Ingenious! What’s to prevent them from going slow so that the guys don’t get spanked as much?”

“The longer it takes for them to reach the mileage required for their workout, the longer they have to spend on the spinning wheel.”

“HAH! I bet a woman thought of that” I crowed.

“Are you ladies done? I really want to spend my last hour watching guys wrestling, the Greek way” T wiggled her eyebrows.

“Lead on! We’ll follow you since you know your way around.”

Paws and I had to pull Mari away from the spanking delight. Mari finally sputtered, “Oh my god. This is not what I was expecting. I just wanted to see a little man on man loving.” By the time she finally came out of her shock, we were at the wrestling mats.

Screaming women surrounded the mats. I could tell heavy betting was going on as hands with money waved in triumph as other women groaned and covered their eyes. The four of us found an open spot.

HOT DAMN! The two men on the mat were naked and shiny with oil. Now I understood the Greek wrestling comment. The bald headed man with tats up his arms seemed to be winning. He was on his back with the black haired Japanese guy trapped between his legs and left arm caught in an arm bar. Unless the Japanese guy could slip out, his arm was going to break.

“Submit! Make him Submit!” the women chanted. The Japanese guy finally tapped his right arm on the bald guy on his right thigh. A whistle blew.

A man in a prison guard uniform yelled, “Iko submits to Diesel. Diesel is the winner!”

The hooting and hollering from the women drowned out whatever else the prison guard said. Iko knelt in front of Diesel. Diesel clasps his hands behind Iko’s head and shoved his dick into Iko’s open mouth. My panties damped again as I watched Iko choke and gag on Diesel’s thick cock. It wasn’t long, but it was thick. Diesel forced Iko to deep throat him over and over again. Spit dripped from Iko’s mouth as his cheeks sucked in and out. Diesel forced Iko’s nose to slam up against his flat stomach as his low hanging balls hit Iko’s chin. Iko’s arms flailed and pushed against Diesel’s hips. Worried, I watched Diesel hold his position for at least thirty seconds. Finally Diesel released him and stepped back and around Iko.

Iko collapsed onto his hands and coughed. Diesel reached down and pulled Iko’s ass up by grabbing his hips. Diesel knelt down on his knees and placed both hands on Iko’s ass and pried it open. I gasped and forced myself not to slip my hand down my pants. Diesel long tongue slipped out and rimmed Iko’s ass. Diesel’s tongue was as long as Gene Simmon’s. He even did that thing at the end where the tip pointed and curled up. I wondered what it would feel like for Diesel to rim my ass. I shuddered.

“Fuck his ass! Fuck his ass!” One woman demanded. Soon, more women joined in with the demands. Diesel stuck his tongue into Iko’s ass and looked up at us. His eyes surveyed from left to right. I could see his smirk. I wish I could see Iko’s face. Was he enjoying this? Was he embarrassed? Was he turned on? I checked down below and saw his dick semi-aroused. When Iko moaned and pushed his ass back to Diesel, Diesel’s stopped rimming him. He spat onto Iko’s asshole and straightened up. Still on his knees, Diesel lined his cock up to the puckered brown hole.

“Fuck me, Diesel. Please! I want it so bad. I want your cock in me. FUCK ME!” Iko begged. His head now turned to face us, I could see Iko’s eyes squeezed shut. Iko’s threw his head back and moaned. His pink little tongue peeked out. Diesel only stuck the head of his dick into Iko’s ass.

“More, put it all in me. Make me cum.”

Diesel pulled out and then pushed half way in.

“Oh god, right there. Do it again!”

Diesel pulled out until his head almost popped out before he shoved all the way in. Iko’s eyelids popped wide open and his brown eyes rolled back in his head. His right hand moved underneath him to stroke his now hard dick and his left hand tugged at his balls. Diesel slapped Iko’s ass hard with his hand.

“Don’t you dare cum before I do, you little cockslut. I know you love it up the ass. You don’t come until I let you come. Do you understand?” Diesel punctuated each sentence with a slap to Iko’s ass.

“Yes, whatever you say” he hissed. “Just FUCK ME!”

Diesel took his own slow time to fuck Iko’s ass. Each time he sped up, I thought he’d come. Instead, he’d slow down and make Iko beg to fuck his ass hard. Diesel showed off his skills as he positioned Iko on his side and spooned him. Then he laid back and forced Iko to reverse cowgirl him. Iko’s muttered throughout the fucking, “Please, please. I need to cum. I need to cum so bad.” Iko’s balls had now tightened up against his body so I couldn’t even see it anymore. The panting came in gasps as Iko held his breathe every few down stokes onto Diesel’s dick.

Diesel pushed Iko off and forced him onto his back. He flipped Iko’s legs up and threw them over his shoulder. Diesel held Iko’s arms down at the wrist to his sides. I couldn’t help myself. I slipped my hand down my pants. I was just about to reach my pussy when my left arm was slapped.

“Naughty naughty. When we said no touching, we meant, you can’t touch yourself either.” James admonished. Where did he come from? I thought we lost him. He stepped behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me to him. I rubbed my ass against his hard dick. I felt his lips touch my ear as he threatened, “There is a punishment for women playing with themselves in the prison. I hope you do break the rules. I’ll ask to punish you. I thought you’d like to know that there are no rules for us to not touch you.” His left hand slipped down my pants as his right hand slipped up my t-shirt. I bit my bottom lip to keep from making a sound. At this point, Mari, Paws and T were still watching the man love.

“I’ll be a good little girl…for now” I promised. While James explored my body I watched Diesel fuck Iko. Diesel leaned in and licked Iko’s lips. Iko opened his puffy lips and sucked Diesel’s tongue in. I moaned in synch with Iko as James’s fingers caressed my clit.

“Please Diesel, may I cum?”

Diesel thrust his hips faster and then pulled out of Iko. Releasing Iko’s arms, Diesel cupped his own balls with one hand and quickly stroked his dick with the other. Diesel’s cum shot out all over Iko’s chest.

Groaning, Diesel said, “Cum, my little bitch, cum for me.”

Iko grabbed his dick with both hand and jerked. His hips thrust into the air as he too came all over his own chest. With the end to the show, I tore away from James. He chuckled as he let me go.

“So, off to the next place” I chattered.

Mari, Paws and T turned to look at me. They shook their heads. “I’m staying” they said in unison. They looked at each other and laughed.

“Go on to the next station and report back to us” Paw urged. “I want to see another wrestling match!”

I shrugged, “Okay, I’ll meet you guys outside when you’re done. Enjoy!” I turned to go to the medical room.

“Do you want some company?” James asked as he offered me his hand.

I lowered my eyes and felt myself heat up in a flush. I couldn’t look him in the eye. Instead, I reached for his hand and held on.

“Where to next?” he asked again.

“I know you don’t like the medical, but I really want to see it.”

“It’s not my favourite, but since I have you to distract me, I’m game.”


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