Review: Chairman of the Whored

Chairman of the Whored
Chairman of the Whored by Lucy V. Morgan

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Charlotte the alter-ego of Leila wants to continue to come out and play. Charlotte is the slutty whore who is paid for sex while Leila is the law abiding aspiring tax attorney. Pulled into Charlotte's web are Matt, Joseph and Charlie. Matt is the supposed good boy who wants to save her. Charlie is a former lover who turned her into kink (although it's not clear) and is now Matt's stepfather. Joseph is the HR violating boss of Leila who is paying to fuck her. Do you have that all straight?

This story was too messy for me. The story didn't flow; it was a bumpy read from beginning to end for me. For writing style, I give this a 1 star. I had to re-read passages and then try to figure out what was going on. It felt disjointed for me. It could be that the story is meant to be this way since Leila's mind was in a jumble. She didn't know who she wanted to be with and Matt was no different. Matt's communication skills are that of a teenage boy. He also doesn't say what he means. He says he accepts Leila yet he doesn't really. Leila wants to be a good little girl and settle down. All I can say is, "keep lying to yourself. You are a whore and you like it. You wouldn't know monogamy if it bit you on the ass."

This story was filled with mess relationship entanglements that dragged for me. It's like watching a terrible 50 car pile up with a jackknifed semi and a trail derailed. Who knows what the collateral damage will be? I do know that ground zero is Leila. She needs to either decide get rid of the Charlotte persona for good or merge it into herself. Separating it isn't doing a damn thing for her.

I ended up giving this story a 2.5 star out of 5 because I liked the kinky sex factor. I enjoyed the knife play as well as the dominance exuded from Joseph. Joseph is what made the book for me. His naughty behaviour along with his, "you will do what I say" attitude flat out turned me on. He seems to be the only one who knows what he wants. The others are well, children as he calls them. The f/f scene was tasty and I wish there were more. The menage was hot and honestly, if the sex wasn't in this book, it wouldn't be my type of book to read. I don't care for messy relationships and these bloody "games". I like it straight forward. The concept of this book was very good and something I found appealing. The ending of the story is inconclusive as we are waiting for the possible resolution in book two. I did end up classifying this book as BDSM for the light bondage and specifically the knife play. I can't call this sugarkink because of the edge play, but I can say this is BDSM lite and I do mean lite. Recommended for those who like hot messy relationship stories where the main characters are confused and don't know what they want.

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