Review: His Deep Submission

His Deep Submission
His Deep Submission by Kim Action

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is one of the best free BDSM femdom books I've read. I would recommend it to others to read. It was hot. The husband submitting to the wife just turned me. I have no desires for this type of relationship dynamic, but this was so well written, I ended up playing with myself after reading it. My poor DH was sleeping so I had to take care of it myself.

Michael has been a frustrated husband who has been snarky and fighting with Vicki. Their marriage of six years is going down the tubes and they aren't sure why. It's the SEVEN YEAR ITCH at six years. Vicki wants a divorce. Or at least she's considering it. Michael is desperate. When Vicki finds the BDSM porn Michael is viewing on his computer, it all becomes clear.

What I like about this, is the openness of Vicki to want to save her marriage. Unlike a wife wanting to submit to her husband in a BDSM relationship and the husband generally playing along, it is a bit more taboo for a man to submit to his wife. This is written beautifully between the fears of Michael and how Vicki tries to learn about being a Domme. I can't tell if Ms. Action is in the lifestyle. I'd probably say no. It is apparent that she did do some research because her BDSM was a bit inconsistent. For example, a female dominant I've never seen referred to as a dom or Dom. Yes it is pedantic to note this, but it throws me out of the story because it's rather glaring. And since those in the lifestyle do get a bit huffy regarding formal protocol, this was a bit annoying to note.

Another thing in this story which bothered me was the Monday Morning Quarterbacking after their first BDSM sexual episode. Seriously, I know women like to talk after they have sex, or so I've been told. But WTF, why on earth does she go through each sexual act, rate it and then ask about his feelings. Do women really do this? If so, no wonder there are so many irritated men. I think my moaning and passing out with relaxed pleasure should be enough indication that I enjoyed the sexual encounter. There is a time and place for everything. Right after sex, to talk about feelings? WTF? UGH! Do men really want to do this? And in the story, Mike's all opening up and talking about his feelings. Geesh.

The progressively more intense BDSM scenes were pretty hot. Vicki is one deviant woman who's on a roll. Poor Michael didn't know what he was in for. From wanting a little domination to full out cock sucking was pretty fast. Of course, it wasn't all in one day. Still, they dived into the lifestyle with a full cannon ball plunge into the deep-end. I'm wondering if Vicki's next step for Michael is cuckolding. Or if they are going to just swing.

I'd like to read a follow up book to this one. I recommend it to my femdom friends who want to read a good Domme to male sub dynamic.

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