Review: A Man, a Jersey, and a Tight End

A Man, a Jersey, and a Tight End
A Man, a Jersey, and a Tight End by A.M. Riley

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

Long distance relationships suck and when a boy is a sub, he turns into a bratty sub. Brian and Daddy Paul are separated due to Paul's job. While Paul is out, Momma Jim is the one who has to take care of him. It's not as easy as it seems since Brian is hiding his submissive needs. To add to the turmoil, Baby Scott had a bad experience with the BDSM lifestyle so he is adverse to it. This makes Brian feel something is wrong with him. If his best friend finds BDSM to be deviant, doesn't that mean Brian is broken?

I'm really confused with the story. I feel like I've missed something in between the first book and this one. I don't understand why the BDSM is such a problem for them. It seems like BDSM is a big pink elephant in the room which none of them want to talk about. What confuses me more is that Scott and Jim have a St. Andrew's Cross in their room. Paul is a Dom with dominant friends. Scott is punished by Jim. Why do they begrudge Brian his desires to be whipped, tied down and flogged? This was the one thing in the storyline, which confused me throughout the book. Why is there this conflict?

Back to the smexy scenes between the men - I loved it. They were flaming hot. There were several scenes, especially the one where Scott and Brian try out new equipment they should not have opened, which I was over the moon with lust and desire. I was literally in stitches in their predicament. Their punishment was so hot and turned me on to no end. Ms. Riley did an excellent job of showing bratty subs topping from the bottom. It generated amusement for me. I couldn't cease chortling when Brian and Scott pulled their stunts. They are right that Jim is scary with his perception, even when he's being distracted by glorious sex.

I enjoyed this continuation of the quad relationship. I dearly enjoyed seeing Paul, Jim, Brian and Scott again. The dynamic between the four of them is unique and fascinating to watch. It was interesting to meet two new characters – Joshua and Freddie. I hope the reason why these two new characters are brought in is because there will be a follow up story in this series. I would love to read about a relationship between Joshua and Freddie. If the four hunky men were to make a guest appearance, it would only increase my glee. I recommend this story to m/m lovers who enjoy multiple partners with some kinky hot sex.

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