Review: Milking and Spanking Ms. Goodbody

Milking and Spanking Ms. Goodbody
Milking and Spanking Ms. Goodbody by Roger Frank Selby

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Ms. Goodbody is maybe best named Ms. Busybody or perhaps nosy-body. She lets out her guest room and does the unforgivable, she spies upon her paying guests. Playing with herself while satisfying her voyeuristic cravings, she accidentally lets the couple know she's watching them. Since this story is so very short, I won't reveal the rest. Suffice to say, the title of this story says it all.

What I would like to point out is that this story moved in a tight and concise manner. I hesitate to label this a BDSM story since there was very little BDSM. It would do as a SugarKink. I believe some may want to throw it into the BDSM category due to a bit of spanking and some fetish milking. Milking is really not my thing unless it's in ageplay. Since there was no ageplay in this story, the milking fetish fell flat for me.

The seduction of Ms. Goodbody was so very easy that I'm surprised she didn't welcome her guest with wide open legs instead of open arms. The hot little menage scene was tasty. Not enough to have me wanting to jump my spouse - just enough to put a smile on my face. I recommend this fast light read to SugarKink lovers who enjoy a bit of menage. I would definitely read this author again. He's writing style feels so naughty proper with dirty cheekiness.

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