Review: Plug and Engage

Plug and Engage
Plug and Engage by Valentina Heart

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

Ever just want a friend with benefits? Nothing complicated, just hot sex? Kai has it made with his Friday sex buddy, Cole. Neither Kai nor Cole are out. They keep their relationship quiet and it works well for them. For the past three years, they meet at a set time and enjoy themselves – no talking, just sweaty sex.

One Friday, it changes and Cole can't stop thinking about Kai. This is when things becomes complicated.

Ms. Heart writes the fear of being ousted as a gay man so well. I could feel the terror in Kai. I could also feel the desire Cole had for Kai to be more than just a tight moist hole to stick his dripping dick in. This story of becoming more than just a weekly one-night stand moved me. I loved Cole's push to be more intimate. What really pushed me over the edge was the hot domination by Cole. The bedroom scene with the bedpost had me on fire. I wanted so badly to be in that room watching Kai and Cole together. Ms. Heart describes her sex scenes so well I can see each position, thrust and lick clearly. I love it!

What truly moved me in this story was how lovers become friends. Generally we see the opposite, friends taking that next step become lovers. This backwards method comes across as more intimate, purposeful andmeaningful.

This story was a bit too short for me. I want to read more about Kai and Cole. I want to know what happens after the accidental sighting. I want to know how their families handled their relationship. Who am I kidding? I want to read more hot sex scenes between two hot sexy men. I recommend this story to m/m lovers who enjoy two men coming together as more than just a weekly one-night stand.

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