Review: Solstice Craving

Solstice Craving
Solstice Craving by Silvia Violet

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

Crawling on hands and knees begging to be taken back by a woman scorned is not the easiest task. Jackson's wolf clan is being attacked by rogue wolves. The only way to save them is performing a sexual ritual. The requirements for the sexual ritual are pretty funny. Basically, the alpha or someone directly related to him has to have an ex-lover forgive and give their heart over again.

I winced when I read this part. Jackson cheated on the love of his life and made sure she caught him screwing another woman. Personally, if a boyfriend I thought I was going to marry cheated on me in this way, there would have been bloodshed. Both the cheating boyfriend and the slut would not leave unscathed. That's the type of woman scorned I am. Cara, on the other hand, hides her tail between her legs and runs away.

Cara is back in town and she never forgot nor forgave Jackson for breaking her heart. She hopes to avoid him. Fat chance of this happening as Jackson needs her. I'm not sure why Cara talks to him or believes she can avoid him in a small town. She's delusional and I'm betting she wanted to really try again with Jackson. This works out great for him as Jackson can finally explain why he did what he did all those years ago.

Cara is soft and is easily persuaded. Although, I have to say, Jackson is sexy and his hot alpha vibes make him hard to resist. The sex scenes where he's partially shifted really turned me on. I realize this can be a squicking point for many readers. For me, I loved the partial shift sex scenes. The rough and gritty sex is a great turn on for me. The sexual ritual satiated my voyeuristic tendencies. Ms. Violet writes some hot bondage and kinky paranormal sex scenes. These are my favourite and she delivers in this story.

I rated the book three stars because the story was quite short and rather uncomplicated. The resolution to the conflict was anticlimactic yet predictably satisfying. I would have liked to read more about the rogue wolves causing trouble. To have the main villain show up and have a show down would have been exciting. I like this world Ms. Violet created and hope there are more stories in this series. I hope she builds more layers in this world and continues with the hot kinky sex. I recommend this to voyeuristic readers who enjoy a little bit of kinky sex.

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