Review: Stallion's Accord

Stallion's Accord
Stallion's Accord by Silvia Violet

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The Romance Review

Who doesn't want a man who's hung like a horse? Sign me up to be with a powerful man who also shifts into a horse. A man I can ride in either form is just so sexy. I wasn't one of those little girls who loved horses, but I can change my attitude after learning about Calder. Calder is a governor of a planet that is rather rustic. For a city girl like Raya, that is a death keel. She can't handle living in a world where there is little technology. She can't even check in with her planner because there is no connectivity.

I feel for Raya. I love my technology toys. While I try to keep the gadgets hidden in my home, I'd rather not live without them. Raya falling in love with Calder was not on her master plan. She has a high power career to consider. The country bumpkin ways of the residents on Calder's planet is too stifling for her. How can she ever adjust? She's torn as she thinks about Calder to no end. This story calls to me because as a professional woman who is actively working on my career, to have to sacrifice my hard work for a man terrifies me. It certainly terrifies Raya as she runs away. She does return and this time, Calder is going to make sure she doesn't leave.

I'm touched by how Calder implements and pushes change to make his world more attractive for Raya. He demonstrates how much he loves her through actions. I'm impressed. This love story moved me and made my heart beat a little faster for Calder. The two of them together are a powerful combination. Ms. Violet definitely pulls me into this short story with engaging characters. I hope this isn't just a one off story. I'd like to see a follow up story with these two characters. I like this world and want to learn more about it. I recommend this story to readers who want a love conquers all ending.

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