Review: The Vampire Skye

The Vampire Skye
The Vampire Skye by Fulani

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Would you like to work for a secret government agency to help support vampires blend into the human society? Although the job is similar to social work combined with relocation. Worse, the office is located in a basement deep beneath a nondescript building. The plus side is the night hours for a night owl and the ability to interact with hot sexy vampires.

Leah was recruited in this "Men in Black" job and is basically a low level caseworker. She helps vampires with new identities since they don't age and need to be on the constant move. She never intended to become involved with Skye, but she couldn't help being attracted to Skye.

The more I learned about Skye, the more I was intrigued and turned on. I have to compliment Leah for her taste in women because it appears we share similar preferences. Leah's personal involvement and attraction to Skye leads to her downfall with her agency. Fortunately, Skye finds a job for Leah that she is uniquely suited to perform.

The world building with how the vampires are created is different. I liked the virus induced condition along with accompanying vampire myths explained. What I really enjoyed about this book was the hot sex. It isn't often I come across good lesbian stories. The smexy female on female scenes including a hot ménage had me dripping wet. The bondage scenes and the blood play were blazing hot for me. I especially enjoyed the scene where Leah was treated as food. I could visualize the well-described scene and desperately wished I could switch places with Leah. Ms Fulani writes great D/s lesbian scenes.

This book is a first for me with Ms Fulani. It wasn't what I expected. It exceeded my expectations in world building, hot characters and erotic sex scenes. I look forward to reading more from this talented author. I recommend this to Sapphic readers who enjoy a paranormal story dominated by a sexy female vampire.

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