Forbidden Bookshelf 2012 Progress so far

1~The Wild Side of Christmas~Brighton, Jack~1/1/2012
2~S&M 101~Cartwright, Sierra~1/1/2012
3~Purple Passion~Yssel, Sindra van~1/1/2012
4~Where He Belongs (Belonging, #2)~Haimowitz, Rachel~1/2/2012
5~Deliberately Unbound (Bound, #2.5)~March, Ava~1/2/2012
6~Take Your Pleasure~Haynes, Jasmine~1/2/2012
7~Dark Angel Sounding~Habu, Habu~1/2/2012
8~Safeword: Storm Clouds~Blevins, Candace~1/3/2012
9~Slave (Finding Anna #1)~Hayes, Sherri~1/4/2012
10~A Tough Guy's New Life ~Wendy, Wendy~1/5/2012
11~Teacher Gets Bought~Cox, Chloe~1/5/2012
12~Teacher Gets Caught~Cox, Chloe~1/5/2012
13~Teacher Gets Taught~Cox, Chloe~1/5/2012
14~Pink Panty Stories ~Stories, Pink Panty~1/6/2012
15~Honeymoon Perversion~Eakens, Defence~1/6/2012
16~The Marriage Counselors ~Dixon, Raminar~1/7/2012
17~Modern Day Slave Wife~lit, writerotica~1/7/2012
18~Diapered Girls~Tyr, Sara~1/7/2012
19~The Forbidden Room (The Forbidden Room, #1)~Barnaby, J.P.~1/8/2012
20~Doms of Dark Haven 2: Western Nights~Cartwright, Sierra~1/8/2012
21~Nursing a Grievance~Edwards, Lance~1/9/2012
22~Turning My Man Out! ~Moore, Alexis~1/11/2012
23~Lady of the Drake~Altharas, J.V.~1/11/2012
24~Control Me (Sex Slave 1)~Hawthorne, Chris~1/12/2012
25~The Lady's Maid (An Erotic Spanking Novella)~DeCroix, Geneva~1/12/2012
26~Hard Lessons (BDSM Spanking Erotica)~DeCroix, Geneva~1/13/2012
27~Dom and Domme~Yssel, Sindra van~1/13/2012
28~Natural Redhead - Two Ginger Erotic Stories~Clover, Katie~1/14/2012
29~Spitroast Princess: A Johnny D, Man-Whore Story~Spanks, Sara~1/14/2012
30~Baby Boy 1: Sacrificed ~Anders, Alex~1/14/2012
31~Slut's New Job~Shore, Marie~1/14/2012
32~A Reluctant Witch in The Land of BDSM: Racked and Ravished Threeway~Aames, Aimélie~1/14/2012
33~Pain and Revenge~Simpson, John~1/14/2012
34~The Submissive Bride~Faulkner, Carolyn~1/15/2012
35~Please Don't Master~Smith, Denise~1/15/2012
36~Light Switch~Gallagher, Lauren~1/19/2012
37~Deadly Captive (Deadly Captive, #1)~Sommerland, Bianca~1/19/2012
38~Hard as Stone~Brookes, Sara~1/20/2012
39~Spanked to the Limit~Fox, Michelle~1/20/2012
40~Hysteria~Kimberlyn, Kimberlyn~1/20/2012
41~Dark Soul Vol. 1 (Dark Soul, #1)~Voinov, Aleksandr~1/20/2012
42~Dark Soul Vol. 3 (Dark Soul, #3)~Voinov, Aleksandr~1/20/2012
43~Sex Buddies (Seduction of a Straight Man, #3)~Lucke, John~1/20/2012
44~The Gingerbread Dungeon~Thorne, Elizabeth~1/21/2012
45~Nicholas (The Lords of Satyr, #1)~Amber, Elizabeth~1/21/2012
46~A Very Demon Christmas: Demon Hunters I~Lorraine, Evanne~1/23/2012
47~Marked for Surrender~Leeland, Jennifer~1/23/2012
48~Blushing Violet~Mayburn, Ann~1/23/2012
49~Daddy's Girl~Lee, Cherry~1/24/2012
50~Autumn's Fuck Toy~Winters, Tasia~1/24/2012
51~31 Flavors~Shaw, Leia~1/25/2012
52~Keep Me Safe~Warren, Skye~1/25/2012
53~Katie's Sex Robot~Kohl, Emma~1/25/2012
54~Little Tease (Rack and Ruin, #1)~Valenti, Amy~1/28/2012
55~The Island~Henry, Lisa~1/28/2012
56~Found in Bliss (Nights in Bliss, Colorado #5)~Oak, Sophie~1/29/2012
57~Long Hard Ride ~James, Lorelei~1/29/2012
58~Hostile Takeover (Knights of the Board Room, #5)~Hill, Joey W.~1/30/2012
59~In the Red~Gregg, Kari~1/31/2012
60~Bound by Deception~March, Ava~2/1/2012
61~Cindi's Nightmare Part 2~Storm, Cameron~2/2/2012
62~The Timer (A BDSM Story)~Robyns, Annika~2/2/2012
63~Sugar and Spice (What Women Like, #1)~Carr, Mari~2/2/2012
64~Milking and Spanking Ms. Goodbody~Selby, Roger Frank~2/3/2012
65~His Deep Submission~Acton, Kim~2/3/2012
66~A Is For Anal - A To Z Sex Series~Hugh, J.L.~2/4/2012
67~Maid for It~Rodgers, Lucy~2/5/2012
68~master Victor's Cunt Daddy's Tails~Winters, Tasia~2/5/2012
69~Slut's Choice (Daddy's Tails)~Winters, Tasia~2/5/2012
70~Shibari Auction House: Jack (Shibari Auction House, #1)~Michael, Sean~2/5/2012
71~Taken by the Boss (Spanking/BDSM Erotica)~Jagger, Lauren~2/5/2012
72~Indiscretions~Ellis, Madelynne~2/5/2012
73~In Service to the Queen~Knight, Jennifer~2/5/2012
74~Hog-Tied and Branded~Philmar, Anita~2/5/2012
75~Everything Nice (What Women Like, #2) ~Carr, Mari~2/5/2012
76~Her Deep Submission~Acton, Kim~2/6/2012
77~Bound and Gagged: Confessions of a Bondage Slut~Spanks, Sara~2/7/2012
78~The Librarian~Brazil, Lee~2/7/2012
79~Defying the Odds (Battered Hearts, #1)~Moon, Kele~2/7/2012
80~King's Conquest (Mending the Rift, #1)~Heart, Valentina~2/8/2012
81~Book Store Slut~Shore, Marie~2/9/2012
82~B Is For Bondage - A To Z Sex Series~Hugh, J.L.~2/11/2012
83~Her First Lesbian Threesome: Confessions of a Bondage Slut~Spanks, Sara~2/11/2012
84~Anal Cam-Whore: Confessions of a Bondage Slut~Spanks, Sara~2/11/2012
85~First Night at the Bondage Club: Confessions of a Bondage~Spanks, Sara~2/11/2012
86~Fucked in the Stocks: Confessions of a Bondage Slut~Spanks, Sara~2/11/2012
87~The Horse Master of Shanhasson~Burkhart, Joely Sue~2/11/2012
88~Anal School: Strict Mistress~Atherton, Cindy~2/12/2012
89~The One Worth Finding~Silberstern, Teresa~2/12/2012
90~Packing Heat~Moon, Kele~2/12/2012
91~Zoe's New Job~Argus, J.J.~2/12/2012
92~Sold~Andria, Alexx~2/12/2012
93~Dom, Inc.~Slave, Crypts~2/12/2012
94~Chairman of the Whored~Morgan, Lucy V.~2/13/2012
95~Lawe's Justice (Breeds, #26)~Leigh, Lora~2/14/2012
96~Contractual Obligation~Dalton, Tymber~2/15/2012
97~Raine (The Lords of Satyr, #2)~Amber, Elizabeth~2/16/2012
98~Scarlet Widow~Glass, Debra~2/16/2012
99~Playing Doctor~Armstrong, S.L.~2/17/2012
100~The Slut's Final Test: Confessions of a Bondage Slut~Spanks, Sara~2/18/2012
101~College Discipline~Acton, Kim~2/18/2012
102~Caged Slut~Danger, Daisy~2/18/2012
103~Gay Sex Stories XXX: Sir's Cock Slut~Horn, Anthony~2/18/2012
104~Sodom and the Phoenix~Mayburn, Ann~2/18/2012
105~Gratification: Fantasies and Punishment~Daddy, Zorro~2/19/2012
106~Addicted to Love: The Enslavement of Krissy~Williams, Kris~2/19/2012
107~Be Brave (Angel and the Assassin, #2)~Alexander, Fyn~2/20/2012
108~Angel and the Assassin (Angel and the Assassin, #1)~Alexander, Fyn~2/20/2012
109~Sins of the Father (Angel and the Assassin, #3)~Alexander, Fyn~2/21/2012
110~By His Rules~Rock, J.A.~2/23/2012
111~The Club Bitch: Confessions of a Bondage Slut ~Spanks, Sara~2/23/2012
112~Midnight Threesome: Confessions of a Bondage Slut~Spanks, Sara~2/23/2012


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