Review: Bound By Honor

Bound By Honor
Bound By Honor by S.E. Jakes

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Damon is one messed up Dom. It's frustrating to see a Dom do the "wrong" things because he's in a snit. Worse, it's sad to see Damon know he's doing something wrong and yet he can't stop himself. Very frustrating! Tanner is too good for Damon at times. I wanted to cuddle the poor confused boy. I do wish we'd see more of Tanner's family to understand where he came from. We have the sketchiest details.

LC is one I liked and I'm intrigued about. I want to know more about him and Styx. It sounds like a train wreck. Added a new guy, the detective, I'm hoping for a hot rough menage between three hard and tough men. Sensory overload in my imagination. O_o

This is one of the better free read's I've received. Now I must buy the rest of the series. Drat these authors who give me the first hit for free!

This is a 3.5 out of 5 star for me. I recommend it to m/m lovers who enjoy angst, BDSM and hot sex.

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