Review: Dom Next Door

Dom Next Door
Dom Next Door by Reese Gabriel

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Review by BookAddict (LaCrimsonFemme)
Author: Reese Gabriel
Book Title: Dom Next Door
Date Reviewed: 3/21/2012

Heat Rating: Spark

Kink Rating: 2 Paddles

Review Rating: 3 Stars

The guy next door is a hot cop who is nice and sexy, how can this be wrong? For Tristy, Grant is the one who mops up her tears after dating yet another dead beat jerk. She sexually fantasizes about Grant yet she refused to date him because she’s afraid. One would think she doesn’t want to lose their friendship so she’s keeping her distance. This would be a wrong assumption. Tristy is avoiding Grant for boyfriend material because she found out he’s a Dom. She doesn’t like that freaking perversion.

Grant is held in emotional hostage by Tristy. They have a great friendship and enjoy each other’s company. He fantasizes about her yet controls his desire because he knows his deviant sex life is too much for her.

At this point, I’m rolling my eyes. Tristy is a spoiled little brat who picks the bad guys to date because she likes to self sabotage. Tristy disgusts me. She’s the woman who pushes the guy into sex in the heat of passion then the next day experiences regret and takes it out on the guy. Grant is a great guy who deserves better. I felt bad for him.

This story was odd for me. Here’s why. Tristy carries baggage from her father which is never explained clearly. One paragraph insinuating his infidelity and the aftermath made no sense to me. I couldn’t understand why this would cause Tristy to behave in the manner she does now. What really confused me was the lack of BDSM in the story. Sure it was a little kinky but barely. I can barely categorize it as SugarKink. The reason why this confused me is because I’ve read other books by Reese Gabriel. Specifically, her More than Male series captured my attention. The D/s written in that series is hot and smexy. The understanding of BDSM and how it comes across in the More than Male series is well done and different than The Dom Next Door. To me, it feels as if it is two different authors writing. This is why I’m confused. As far as smexy hot sex in this book, it was low. The kinky factor is only two paddles because it was barely there.

The writing was still enjoyable. The book was a short one so the development of the story seems a bit rushed. This is to be expected for a quickie from Ellora’s Cave. Still, it flowed and was a fast read. I recommend this book to kinky readers who love the boy next door.

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