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In the Red
In the Red by Kari Gregg

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Left for the dead, Brian Foster is a hot mess even a year after his rescue. The twenty-seven year old forensic accountant hides in the mountains with guns and lights in every room. Brian's kidnapping and torture has given him severe phobias which he is unable to control. In addition, it has messed up his relationship and sex life. A submissive that can no longer hand over control is no longer a submissive.

Special Agent Zachary Murdock is tasked with bringing Brian back to the FBI to work on a critical case. Zachary walks into a FUBAR situation completely unprepared. Feeling set up, Zachary does his best to watch over Brian and figure out how a simple task has gone completely wrong.

Ms. Gregg writes the best messed up characters that I love and want so desperately to save. Brian's trauma breaks my heart. He's so adorable, even when he is being confrontational. Unable to resist Zachary's alpha vibes, Brian opens up. Zachary wants to help and protect Brian. He's afraid the FBI will push too hard and break Brian beyond repair. Zachary may be a natural dominant, but he possesses neither training nor experience in the BDSM lifestyle. I feel Zachary's helplessness and need to fix Brian's life to make it safe and easier.

What caught me off guard were the BDSM scenes. I'm not sure a person as traumatized as Brian with severe PTSD would be able to handle submitting and restraints. The scenes were mild and rather sweet. They were arousing for me as I agree with Brian; Zachary gives off lovely toppy vibes. The meal scenes had me melting with a dreamy smile. Too bad Zachary likes boys. I'd submit to Zachary any day. The storyline is unpredictable and concludes in the patented Ms. Gregg style – unresolved. I'm left hanging and screaming in frustration. I am hooked and desperately want to read the follow up book. I recommend this story to m/m readers who enjoy erotic suspense mixed with light BDSM.

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