Review: Saints Astray

Saints Astray
Saints Astray by Jacqueline Carey

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Loup is a GMO, a genetically modified human. She's one of a kind because she's a human hybrid through her mother. In this second installment, and probably final chapter in this set, I was blown away. Ms. Carey is a wonderful story teller. Her talent to build complex characters who are strong yet flawed has me on my knees bowing down to her greatness. Loup is a character who I can't relate to, but I really want to be like. She's fearless (due to genetics) and she does the right thing. She doesn't take the easy way out. I'm very impressed. In this journey, she positively impacts and inspires people to be better. How motivational is this message?

While the story focuses on Loup and her lack of human rights, her sexy sidekick Pilar is the one who changes most. I loved watching Pilar grow and mature. Loup sums it perfectly by saying, Pilar has become sophisticated. I admire Pilar. THIS is what positive reinforcement can do to a person. It's wonderful. Sappy afternoon TV special message aside, this story just rocked for me. Loup is a pay it forward kind of girl. She helps people and the ripple effect is huge. People she impacts continues the momentum.

This is the best young adult book I've read in a very long time. The obstacles the teens overcome are incredible. The best part, they aren't playing victims. Sure there is some teen drama and angst, but it isn't in the overdone Hollywood method. (And overwritten like some other authors who shall remain nameless.) These characters are also ones who are believable in their teen age. They have many qualities of a teen. They aren't self-actualize adults written as teens merely because they are 18. I commend Ms. Carey for this delicate balance.

I sum up this story with my favourite phrase in this book. A million drops of water can wear down a mountain. A thousand tears can melt the hardest heart. Ms. Carey's writing to demonstrate this phrase was powerful and just lovely. I get it. It moved me.

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