Review: Submitting to the Rake

Submitting to the Rake
Submitting to the Rake by Em Brown

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Miss Heloise Merrill is on a mission to save her misguided and innocent cousin, Josephine. Heloise is trying to protect Josephine from the notorious rake, Lord Cadwell. Heloise is going to a weekend of debauchery instead of her cousin so that Josephine doesn’t lose her precious maidenhead. Lord Cadwell is – a cad of the vilest kind.

If you are rolling your eyes at this point, I’m with you. This story is amusing in a tongue and cheek manner. At least for me it was. Despite the fact that neither women are innocent nor virginal, Lord Cadwell is no vile innocent despoiler. The premise of this book is a melodramatic comedy of miscommunications and false morale pretensions. At one point, I wanted to tell Heloise, “get off your high horse. Me thinks the lady doth protest too much.” I also wanted to knock off her rosy coloured glasses off so she could see her minx of a cousin Josephine clearly. Josephine is no innocent. She’s more like a spoiled little slut demanding for a thick cock to ride on.

Even if I’m not enamored of the juvenile antics of these young ladies, the story was well written. It flowed well and the description was vivid. I could picture the scenes clearly. The emotions emanating from the characters were strong and amusing. I did feel sorry for Lord Cadwell. He’s essentially tricked into doing the right thing. After a little free taste of what he enjoyed from Heloise, he needed to pay for another taste. Pay he did, in the worst of ways – marriage proposal. The conclusion may seem abrupt, but it is understandable since it is a short story. The historical setting was cute and worked well for this story. I recommend this book to historical romance lovers who enjoy a little bit of kinky sex.

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