Review: Undone Rebel

Undone Rebel
Undone Rebel by Lila Dubois

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Amateur fetish model and rockabilly princess Adelita “Addie” Sanchez is not into porn. She modeled some nice kinky lingerie for a website and now she receives unwelcome solicitations for trashy porn magazines. Just when Addie thinks she has a real modeling job, she finds out the job is for BDSM photos. Without learning more, Addie turns up her judgmental snotty little nose to it because as everyone knows, BDSM is just nasty disgusting porn.

At this part of the story, I’ve pretty much had it with little miss hoity toity. Addie is not a main character I like. She is shallow in ways because she is designed with a huge chip on her shoulder. Her persona is an “in your face, accept me for my difference” yet she is judgmental of others. These are the worst hypocrites around. I don’t like her nor did I ever warm up to the snotty little snit.
Lane on the other hand is amazing. He is just the right amount pushiness as a Dom to bring Addie around. Lane helps Addie learn about the facts of BDSM instead of the myths and fears she’s created in her crazy little brain. Lane is funny and I think too good for Addie.

What I found captivating about this story wasn’t Addie or Lane, it’s Ms. Dubois’s book concept. The concept of taking a vanilla girl through a learning journey of BDSM and photo documenting it is sheer genius. I love it! I also enjoyed how she showcased three different Doms. While there wasn’t a Domme involved which disappointed me, the three versions of Doms are pretty accurate as far as levels of play in the BDSM lifestyle. While not everyone has attitudes like the three Doms, they are very common ones. The scenes Ms. Dubois used in this story were hot and smexy. I enjoyed them and could see each one of them clearly. I particularly enjoyed the role playing scene. To be interrogated in the manner Emory executed gives me happy goosebumps. The only one I wasn’t too thrilled with was Alton. It will be interesting to read about him and his fall. I’m predicting he falls for a woman. Overall, I found this book to be a positive read on BDSM and enjoyed it. I recommend this book to BDSM readers interested in seeing different Dom styles laid out side by side.

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