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Biker Gurls
Biker Gurls by Paul Moore

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Cruel sexual enslavement by a dirty boss, betrayals, hot lesbian and a happily ever after, this is all up my alley. In Biker Gurls from Mr. Moore, we are treated to a very hot fantasy where the naughty secretary, Coraline is caught by her boss for “borrowing” from the petty cash. I too wonder about the petty cash. Why is it called petty? What is petty, is Coraline’s boss, Andrew Baron’s response to the situation. He sexually blackmails her first with a blow job and it quickly escalates.

I need to chime in here that I don’t condone sexual harassment in the work force yet this is such a taboo and guilty fantasy, isn’t it? Mr. Moore writes a depraved and dirty non consensual situation between Coraline and Baron. I DIG IT! It wet my panties reading about the debauchery visited upon the embezzling Coraline. I would feel sorry for her but she did steal money, even if she did return it.

The story then takes a few twists in turns where Coraline meets the Biker Gurls - Miko and Sophie. Initial meeting with the dynamic duo started off on a wrong foot but quickly switched to camaraderie with a focused payback against Baron. From there the hot lesbian sex has my bisexual desires humming in delight. The vengeance is deliciously sweet, if predictable. I loved it. The downfall of Baron was a fitting climax and how it all worked out gave me a satisfying high.
The sex in this story is gritty and filled with humiliation. I do enjoy the humiliation aspect of BDSM. Let us not forget the hard anal sex and sex slave training. The situations Mr. Moore places Coraline and her replacement are hot and not for the meek. The thrashings they receive as well as the hard anal riding satiate my voyeuristic tendencies. The story flowed in a fast pace manner with not a wasted scene. I recommend this fast flaming hot read to BDSM readers who like the grittier and dirty side of the BDSM fantasy.

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