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Dane by Elizabeth Amber

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Dane, Dante and Daniel, which one do I pick? I have to confess to finding Dante the more attractive one since he's roughly sexually dominating. Anyone who knows me understand this comment pretty quickly. I'm now 5 of 6 books into this series. The only one I haven't read is Dominic. I am truly baffled with the timeline here. I need a nice little timeline showing me in a diagram when each of these stories take place and when the major events suck as the blight and the sickness occurred.

In Dane, we find a man trained as a special ops Tracker from the Elseworld. The thin veil hiding the Others is starting to dissipate. Females for breeding are a scare commodity. What is this sickness? How did it come about? How was it caused? I don't really know and it could be because I missed Dominic. What I do wonder is how there are so many Satyr males running around. I thought there were only a handful but it seems to be more than just one family line. I'm not sure.

In this latest story, it's the first of the 4 brother Bastian, Sevin, Dane and Luc. I want to learn more about this sickness that has stricken Elseworld. I also want to read more about Luc and Sevin. Sevin's book is out soon so I may end up picking that one up too for reading pleasure.

First, back to Dane. What a torn man. I felt a bit of pity for him and understood his guilt. Eva on the other hand, I felt really sorry for as both she and her mother were terribly betrayed. This story was a bit darker than the others in the sense of the sexual abuse of captives as well as using them for harvesting. Rather despicable yet nicely glossed over by Ms. Amber. It was a quick couple of hour read.

Second, the characters - I kind of liked Dane and Eva more than the others. I'm not sure if it is because Dane was more flawed and endearing to me or if it was because Eva wrestled with her sexual submissive desires. The addition of bondage in this story added to my enjoyment. Sure, it's light and barely kinky, but just that little taste helped me. As usual, we end in a happily ever after.

As I have finished this review, I see the author granted one of my wishes - a family tree for the Satyr. Now I know the two sets of brothers aren't exactly related so I'm less confused.

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