Review: Passion's Due

Passion's Due
Passion's Due by C.J. Black

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Well, it's been almost 6 months and no posting from TRR, I'm posting my review. My new policy. Anything over 30 days after turned, if not posted, I'm posting on GR.

Unloving stepmother? Check. Father who favours his stepson? Check.
Stepbrother who is a total loser and sells you out? Check. Angie is experiencing a bad day. One could say it’s a bad period of her life.

She can’t get her life in order much less help her stepbrother fix his problems. Under duress, she goes to see her brother who’s hiding out at a rehab center. Once again, he wants her to help fix his money issues. This time, even he knows she doesn’t have the money to pay off the man who he owes a lot of money.

Alex Curtis wants his money back, but he’s willing to forgive the debt for a little booty. Yes, Angie’s stepbrother pimps her out to Alex.

Angie is furious and insulted. From there, this short story follows a predictable path of meaningless passion. As Angie’s friend recommended, all she needed to fix up her life was to get laid. Angie took the advice.

This very short story was okay for me. There are no shocking surprises. The happily ever after domesticated ending appears to balance out Angie’s previously rock bottom life. She’s in a better place with the help of a man. The sex between the two was fine. I would have liked to see a bit more fire in the sex scene since the man in question is supposed to be dangerous. The one thing I liked about Angie was how she responded and treated her stepbrother. I felt it was justified.

This short story is recommended for people who enjoy a dark knight who is actually a white knight rescuing a down on her luck neglected princess.

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