Review: Pony Girl Tales - The Collection

Pony Girl Tales - The Collection
Pony Girl Tales - The Collection by Penny Birch

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Heat Rating: Blaze

Sting (Kink) Rating: 4 Stars

Story Review Rating: 4 Paddles

Pony play is a favourite kink of mine. No one does it better for me than Ms. Penny Birch. This deviant delightful minx generally has me aroused in a blazing hot manner. The duo of Peter and Penny Birch pushed me over the edge into happy smexy land. This collection of pony girl tales is sizzling hot. What I like about it is the juxtaposition of British propriety and sexual humiliation.

Sexual humiliation is not for everyone. For those who love to experience or read it, Ms. Penny Birch is a favourite of mine. She takes something simple, such as mud and makes it so sexy dirty. Let us not forget the sloppy Strawberry yogurt scene which had me humming in delight. What I enjoy most about this book is the girls in the story are not apologetic in their sexual desires. They revel in their spankings, whippings and sexual exploitations. It’s all fun for them. Even when they are blackmailed into sexual submission and give a bit of token protest, quickly they change their tune and follow the dominant leader.

The humour in the story is quite well done. I laughed so hard reading the involvement of the vanilla public into the fetish of human pony cart racing. The imagery is so clear I can see the entire scene like a movie playing. The writing is tightly woven with a clear plot and easy to understand framework. It’s easy to follow along this delightful journey of debauchery because there are no fancy machines or complicated protocols. Instead, we are given enough information about an all girl boarding school with prefects and strict teachers. I do confess to envy when the junior girls submitted to the senior prefects. Annabelle and Bobby’s mischievous antics deserved much punishment. With the way the author duo Birch writes, I can’t quite decide if I’d rather be on the giving or receiving end of the punishment. Both have their allure. I highly recommend this collection to BDSM readers who want some light hearted fun mixed in with some naughty school girls trussed up like ponies.

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Hi there. Thanks for the review of this book. It is certainly one that I will pick up now and take a look at myself.

I was also wondering if you might be interested in reviewing a pair of books that I have written involving pony play. The third and final of the series is in preparations now and will also be available shortly.

If you are interested, send me an email at and I will send you pdf versions of the two books. They are also available either on the publisher's website or on The books are The Mayor's Daughter and The Mayor's Daughter II and are under my name Will Versuch.

I look forward to hearing from you. And please keep the reviews coming!

Ooh! This sounds good. I'll send you an email back. Thank you for contacting me.

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