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Quick Study
Quick Study by Robyn Shot

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Virgin in a college level art class drawing male nudes. What could be more boring? Surprisingly, this story is rather captivating. I wasn't sure what to expect and I was pleasantly surprised. Eden professes to hidden suppressed desires to her roommate, Kaleen. Kaleen generously offers up live action by letting Eden watch her fuck Tyler, her boyfriend. Confirming Eden's lustful wants, Kaleen sets Eden up with Dane, the nude male model, from art class.

This is where the story becomes interesting. Dane and Kaleen are part of some sort of secret sexual cult. Eden is brought into the cult without any information. I'm a bit frustrated as I want to know more about this secret society. I want to understand the meanings behind the triangles. The tidbits we receive from Kaleen and Dane are not enough to satisfy me. I have a few guesses, but I'd like my guesses confirmed.

The sex in this story is HOT. I liked it. Made me think, what would it be like if we raised children to not believe sex is cheap and taboo? What if sex were taught as a subject? What if we emphasized the importance of being a good lover? Of being able to give pleasure to our partner. It could be plain old vanilla sex or kinky BDSM sex. Doesn't matter as long as we educate how it can be. Would we have as many disappointed virgins when they lost their cherry? Would we have so many boys fumbling, cumming before their dick gets into the pussy? Would we have so many sexually dissatisfied married couples? These are the questions that go through my mind. My last question would be, would it help alleviate the teenage pregnancies that now start as early as 10 years old?

There is one scene in this book which emphasizes respect to your sexual partner. I find this a powerful message and wish it were the case in real life. Between my questions and the messages, this smexy story makes me want to read the next two books in this trilogy. I guess I'm going to have to buy the other two books. I recommend this book to those who want a quick smexy read about initiation into a secret sexual society.

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