Review: A Very Demon Valentine's

A Very Demon Valentine's
A Very Demon Valentine's by Evanne Lorraine

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I enjoyed this book. It was one very long sex scene though. I liked book one better. Still, this one was HAWT! I give it a 4 star for hot.

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What is kinkier and more deviant than tentacle sex? It is rare that I find an author who uses tentacles in her erotica. This is the second time I've caught Ms. Lorraine tantalizing me with them. It's just as hot, if not hotter this time around.

Miranda is a demon who is part fire demon, water demon and human. She works in the bondage club, which caters to both humans and demons. She isn't one of the submissives, no matter how much she would love to submit. She is the assistant of Duec, who runs the club as well as the Demon Hunters. This provides her with a bit of safety as no one wants to cross Duec.

Tey is one of Duec's demon hunters. His time has run out. If he doesn't mate soon, he will become the very thing he hunts. As expected, Miranda is paired up with Tey. Her boss, Duec, even helps in the matchmaking. This romance story contains very little conflict. Most of it is mildly contrived through misunderstandings. Tey thinks Miranda isn't good enough for a half demon like him. Miranda thinks Tey doesn't want her because she's not demon enough. I would have preferred a different conflict for this story.

The reason why I still rated it a 3 star is because I LOVED the sex in this story. I read every single word of the sex scenes. Many times now, I skip or skim over the sex scenes because they are the same old same old. Very few authors write it in a manner enticing enough for me to read every word. Ms. Lorraine captured my full attention. Between her descriptions of taste, scent and touch, I devoured every word and felt as if I were in the room watching them. The only thing better would be if I were there in person to see and hear Miranda and Tey screwing each other senseless. Then I'd be in full sensory overload.

This story is more than just sex. We do see more of the world Ms. Lorraine is building. I feel like she's handing out crumbs. I wish we could learn more about Duec in a quicker manner. I want to know more about the council. Another plus is the BDSM lesson as part of the teaching class in the bondage club. I don't expect erotic romance authors to provide a BDSM 101 class for readers. This is not their job. Their story is to entertain me, blow my mind and make me demand for more. When they do incorporate real BDSM lessons in a manner which is believable, it's always a pleasure. Ms. Lorraine did a fine job of it without coming across in lecture mode.

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