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Institute Of Correction
Institute Of Correction by Talia Skye

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The Romance Review

Environmentalist messages with kinky BDSM and a mental ward is an odd combination. The first few chapters, I'm as confused as the main character Wanda. She's an elite fighter, this I definitely know. On top of this, we know she follows authority well. This tells me Wanda is in some kind of Special Forces. Unfortunately for us, we are just as clueless as Wanda since her memory is MIA. There is urgency in her mind to complete a task and not disappoint someone. But who she fails or what she's supposed to do, these are all hidden from her.

What we do know is the mental ward she's in uses some special practices which are not standard or at least not standard in the States. Dr. Varata and his trio of nurses apply some innovative therapy to help cure Wanda. She's diagnosed as insane. To help her, she's tied up, spanked, caned, treated to electro-therapy and many other deviant cures. Even the padded cell is twisted into a sexual BDSM fantasy manner.

I am enamored of Ms. Skye's sexually creative mind. Her sex scenes are hot. Yes, they are complicated and not feasible in real life for the most part. Still, this is the BDSM fantasy I LOVE to read about. This is the second book I've read of hers and it's very hot. I drool over the sexual tortures her deviant mind creates. I lust after these sexual torture machines and I can visualize her books as a BDSM movie. Not a porn flick, they would be real movies because her books all contain plots. The world isn't built in with great complexity yet her message is pretty sneaky and not light weight.

The dream sequences which are more memory flashbacks remind me a little bit of the TV show Lost. I enjoy this technique and how it doles out pieces for me to fit together and guess what is going on. Each sequence brings more questions which are actually answered in this book, unlike the TV show. The ending to this book leads me to believe there is a possible follow up. I would want to read a follow up because two of the characters mentioned are ones I'd love to get down with. When I say get down with, I mean I'd love for them to cross over and dominate me any time. I would gleefully submit.

While Ms. Skye is vivid with her descriptions, some of her contraptions are a bit too complicated to visualize for new-to-BDSM readers. Even for a jaded BDSM reader as myself, I re-read some of the passages carefully to fully picture what was going on. My recommendation is to either have an illustrator add pictures to some of these more complex sex scenes or use less toys and machines. BDSM scenes can be written without any toys and machines and still be smoking hot. Ms. Skye's BDSM specialties seem to be the BD and SM. The humiliation scenes are right up my alley. For some, it may be a tad too much, especially when Wanda submits to the devilish female nurses.

I recommend this book for BDSM readers with a BDSM medical fetish and love the fantasy.

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