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Kneel To Me
Kneel To Me by Argus Marks

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This is the first ever anthology type book where I enjoyed every single story. This is like buying a CD from an artist where I enjoyed every song on the album. Unheard of! I have many albums and I can count on one hand the number of albums I loved every song. I can also tell you for the anthology like this one, how many I really enjoyed and became super hot reading, that would be one.

When I read the forward by Ms. Burka, I confess to rolling my eyes. I thought, "Lovely, one of those people". There are people who look down upon what is loosely categorized as porn. They want to make the distinction because society paints anything with sex in it as porn. I'm one of those people who actually enjoy the "Cindi" stories Ms. Burka rips on at the beginning of the book. I am not ashamed of it either. It feeds a desire I have and I enjoy it. It makes me wet, the unadulterated raw humiliation and degradation of these "Cindi" stories were the woman is modified and trained to be an unthinking animal responding to basic commands. It's a kink I fully enjoy reading.

Make NO MISTAKES, this book contains not even a lick of Cindi in it. Instead, we are treated to one after another hot sexy domination. We go from m/m to m/f to f/f. Since I enjoy it all, I’m turned on and aroused the entire time reading this book.

The Lord of Misrule Oh God, reading this one had me wet almost instantly. The public embarrassment plus the flipping of status so the prince submits to a dominating servant had me over the moon. This story stroked me in just the right way.

Katt This was a sweet one. I’m always down for some tentacle sex. This noncon part had me squee-ing in delight. The romance involved was unexpected and sweet.

Romans I wanted to slap the slave upside the head at first. When the story unfolded, I was impressed by how the Master handled the issues the slave had. He heard her and created the perfect solution. The punishment scene was unexpected which concluded in hot lesbian sex.

Raiders from the Stars This m/m piece was an excellent example of Master and slave. The reasoning was understandable. The submission in service when finally understood brought a smile to my face.

Exceptional Acts W.T.F? Reeducation and relocation? This all sounds wrong. This one had me wondering if I would like all the stories. It was pretty f-ed up for me – this world. Yet I could understand it. It’s the type of sci-fi fantasy I like. The kinky twist of it was hawt. Let’s just say, it wouldn’t be a bad way to die, but seriously intense. That is a bit too much edgeplay for me.

Personal Benefits YAY! F/f SM with 24/7 is hot for me. This was a perfect one for me. Of course, it’s by the author who caused me to by the book. Ms. Thorne wrote another story right up my alley. I totally understand the Domme and her pressures. Oddly enough, rather than needing to control to that extent, I’d be the flip side. I’d need to have one place in my life that I can submit and not make all the decisions. That would be freedom for me and help me relax and be more productive and creative.

Scenes from a Beijing Hotel What the hell? I’m so confused. But I liked it. The concept was hawt. I really want to read more about dogslaves. And this red head who is a telepath and an obvious Domme? I need to meet her. I want to submit to her.

I recommend this hawt collection to BDSM readers who enjoy tightly written short stories with kinky erotic scenes that are intense and with a good plot.

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