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Society of the Golden Rose
Society of the Golden Rose by Breanne Erickson

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Is this merely a story or is a diary of Breanne Erickson? I'm not sure and several chapters into the story, I'm not sure I care. The reason, this story is H.A.W.T! I must confess that I am a f/f genre lover. I also enjoy femdom greatly - as long as I get to be the sub. I could switch, but it really isn't my preference. In Society of the Golden Rose by Breanne Erickson, we are treated to some intense BDSM initiations and non-con. The sadism and humiliation in this book is heavier than many of the BDSM books out there.

Breanne is a self confessions humiliation and pain slut. The amount of pain she suffers and yet still manages to orgasm has my mind boggled. In this story, it's more than just the intense impact play. It's also a story about best friends who help each other. Kari is Breanne's best friend, former mistress and lover. Through a series of events which lead to blackmail, Kari is forced to bring Breanne to a private BDSM group called, "Society of Golden Rose". This group is led by Ellen Davenport who is a hypocritical sadistic cunt. Let me tell you how I really feel.

This book is in first person even with Breanne addressing the reader directly. For those who are sticklers about writing technique, think of this book more like a diary. It's a diary chronicling the return of Breanne into the loving arms of Mistress Kari. The trials and tribulations Breanne goes through to return as a slave to Mistress Kari are long and hard. (No pun intended)

The BDSM in this story is a bit extreme at times. I like how Breanne makes a point of telling the reader when something is not acceptable. It could come across as lecturing but it does not. I like how it shows the differences of BDSM styles between the Mistresses and slaves. There is a distinction here between slave and submissive. Many do blur the line, in this instance we have a clear definition of how Breanne views it and this level sets us for the book. I really enjoyed this book and I will be re-reading parts I enjoyed. I recommend this book to f/f BDSM readers who want something more intense.

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Breanne said…
Thank you so much for reviewing my book! I'm glad you liked it!

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