Review: Cait and the Devil

Cait and the Devil
Cait and the Devil by Annabel Joseph

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Historical BDSM in Scotland with domestic discipline? I'm THERE! So, where is the domestic discipline? Where is the noncon? Or was the noncon when Cait was kidnapped by the dastardly evil villain? Is there more to this story than just a bastard daughter of a King forced to marry a bastard Earl?

I do like historical novels. I also love ones with Scottish men in it. (Do they not wear kilts? I thought they did, but Duncan never seemed to wear them. Then again, I could be in the wrong period. This is the middle ages and I don't think kilts were around back then. All I know is men in kilts are hawt.) I am getting into these historical romance novels which include erotic sex. If it is kinky BDSM sex, even better! I was all excited about this one but ended up a bit disappointed. It's more of a cock tease, than the real deal. It's not different than going to a strip joint rather than a brothel. I thought I was going to a brothel but ended up in a strip joint.

Cait is the bastard child of the current King. We don't know who her mother is and how she came to be living in the forest with a nurse, all by herself. When her nurse dies, she goes to where she's been instructed only to find out she is the King's daughter and he doesn't want her. He shoves her out of his palace with piss poor entourage to what seems to be the end of the world. She is to be married off to a Lord known as the Devil.

Duncan, aka Devil, buried a miserable prude bitch of a wife and doesn't want another one. Forced into a marriage he didn't want, he avoids Cait as much as possible. Cait who has been shown very little affection and desperately needs acceptance and love is hurt. This is just a FUBAR situation. It is hard to decide who to pity more - Duncan or Cait.

When the two finally get together and consummate the wedding, it's sweet. Okay, so he takes her in the ass, but still, he does it sweetly. Innocent Cait doesn't know any better. Yes, this story has the earmarks of a domestic discipline household. It just was pretty light. Plus we didn't have enough of the graphic discipline which made me feel gypped. I wanted more graphic details. I didn't honestly find Duncan to be that perverted or "unnatural". Then again, it could be that I'm a jaded sexual fiend.

The story is more than just about the relationship between an arranged marriage. There are other parts to it which flesh out the story and explain some unanswered questions and discrepancies. For example, why would a bastard girl be raised to read? Why would a bastard be cared for in a secluded forest rather than just tossed aside or raised in the castle? These answers are all provided in a manner I enjoyed. It gave me the slight feeling of King Arthur and Morgana. I've always enjoyed the King Arthur type stories. This slight reference is probably what held the story at 3 star for me.

I still enjoyed this story despite the very light bits of erotica. I recommend this historical romance story to those who want just a taste of kink with their history.

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