Review: Chilled to the Bone

Chilled to the Bone
Chilled to the Bone by Sindra van Yssel

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Doreen was evil the first time we met her, trying to kill off Kent. This time around, she's the one being hunted. What is so special about Doreen? Turns out, she's a submissive vampire. One who was created for a specific reason.

Charles, one of the Doms from Dark Xanadu doesn't remember Doreen but she's familiar. Why is this? Once the truth is revealed, Charles is surprisingly easy going about it. He's kind of sweet. He also wants to dominate Doreen.

This story was light on the BDSM theme. The BDSM was gently interwoven into the storyline with some hot flogging. The BDSM 101 lesson from Ms. Yssel is once again spot on and educational. She's never lecturing nor boring about it. I appreciate how she shows BDSM in a positive light for new to BDSM readers. I'm always impressed at how well she incorporates BDSM teachings in various non obtrusive manners.

This vampire world Ms. Yssel has built is okay. It's rather sketchy. The addition of witches and werewolves makes me wonder where this series is going. Or perhaps this is only a 2 book series. Either way, the book was good for me because of the relationship between Doreen and Charles. Everything else was just background noise for me. I recommend this to paranormal romance lovers who want to walk a bit on the wild side.

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