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Fortune Hunter
Fortune Hunter by Ava March

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Julian is one of THOSE Parkers. The sins of the father are visited upon him. He fears rejection and he is tired of being compared to his late father, the gambling drunk wastrel. Instead, he's looking to be different. He wants respect and thinks this means acceptance from specific aristocrats and marrying the right woman. Yes, he's getting married to a woman so he can be kept in the lifestyle he believe he deserves. One minor detail - he's attracted to men.

Oscar is a the poor rich boy. He's orphaned and abused by friends and relatives alike. He's also very young. I feel for Oscar because he wants that special someone where he is the number one person. Who doesn't want this type of a relationship? He gives so much and yet at each turn, he's left out in the cold. His desire hit home for me because it's something I struggled with in my youth. Fortunately, I found my special someone.

The story is from both his and Oscar's perspective. I enjoyed how Julian came across as basically clueless. He wasn't a bad sort, but once his cousin forced him to see himself in the mirror, Julian's eyes were opened. It was one of those a little too late moments. As for Oscar, his perspective is sad for me. He's not a victim. He is just so alone and wanted only for his money. What it comes down to is his lack of self esteem. Oscar and Julian's interaction was believable. Their responses to each other based on unintentional slights made me wince. There were no bad guys in this story. Just two people who both lost out due to being a bit misguided. Fortunately, there is redemption.

The story demonstrated excellent growth for the characters and the fact that it was over a few years instead of a few weeks, it made it better for me. Definitely a 3.5 star book. The romance in this story is once again just right. It isn't cloyingly sweet nor is it fake. It's just the right amount. I enjoy Ms. March's writing voice and find her romances uplifting. I recommend Fortune Hunter to m/m historical romance lovers who enjoy character growth.

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