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His For The Weekend
His For The Weekend by Marie Tuhart

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The Romance Review

When will the Sexual Freedom Act be passed? Wait, when will one be written and brought to Congress? I want to work for a sex company like the one in HIS FOR THE WEEKEND. Forget the characters and the plot; I want access to this R&D group for Fantasies Incorporated.

Marcus and Cassie work for a sex company which develops all sorts of awesome sex toys! They also fulfill sexual fantasies. Ladies, get in line, because if this company were to really exist, I'm going to push my way to the front so I can be in their user test groups. That is, if I can't get a job there. Best job on earth!

This world Ms. Tuhart created is fascinating for me specifically because of this company. The sexual toys she tosses out are just teasers. I want more! I want it all. I feel like Charlie in the Chocolate factory except this one contains adult treats that I'd like better. Back to the story, it's a rather predictable; co-workers falling for each other but afraid to be with one another due to working relationships trope.

Marcus wants Cassie as his submissive. Cassie wants Marcus, but she's afraid. We've seen this before so there is no need for me to go into those details. What I would like to highlight was how Ms. Tuhart brought in the company's toys into their weekend together. It was hot and very smexy. I enjoyed Marcus's dominating side as he teases Cassie with some awesome prototypes.

While I didn't really connect with either character, I did enjoy their loving scenes together. They are a cute couple that everyone knows will work out in the end. Their interaction is believable. Marcus's sexual domination is just the right pace to ease Cassie into his fully decked out playroom. I'd be drooling if I could have access to his playroom. His thoughtfulness and wooing manner has me won over. I'm not sure why Cassie has such issues. Really, interoffice romances are pretty common nowadays. Still there has to be a bit of conflict. I enjoyed this new to me author, Ms. Tuhart. I can't wait to read more of her books. I recommend this story to BDSM readers who enjoy the playfulness of men who know how to use toys.

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