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His by Carolyn Faulkner

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Possessive much? I know I can always count on Ms. Faulkner for some intense D/s or SM story. His certainly delivers in the TPE as well as the SM. When I first started this story, I thought perhaps Raina was just another submissive who had no life outside of her Master. I didn't read the story blurb because I like to be surprised. I was surprised. Raina is CEO of a company she built from scratch. She's tough and a self made woman. Does this make me like her better? Actually, yes.

I'm tired of the stories where the submissive is some down on her luck gal who can't get her life straight. Better yet, the usually TSTL female sub has some mental issues which should really be handled by a psychiatrist of some sort. In this story, I'm pleased to say, Raina is neither TSTL nor is she some fucked up mental case. Instead, she's a very powerful woman in her own right in the business world. In addition, her TPE with Mark (his name is only mentioned once) does not include her giving up her company or her job. This is what I liked best.

The SM part of the story is pretty heavy. This is what I come to expect from Ms. Faulkner. While it didn't go into the step by step application of each evil implement, it was enough to have me wincing. Then again, I'm not a pain addict - at least not for impact play. The pieces of humiliation visited on Raina is what I would consider mild. Since it was difficult for her, it's obviously a bit much from Raina's perspective. I reveled in it. Honestly, this book is really more about Raina's journey to become HIS. The title of this story is very aptly named. Mark is not what I consider romantic, but I can tell he loves Raina deeply. He's not a perfect owner/master, yet he does do his best. The fact that they are both rich is the fantasy part. I only wish I didn't have to look at price tags. I recommend this story to BDSM readers who enjoy the SM part of BDSM.

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