Review: Jesse's Story

Jesse's Story
Jesse's Story by Maculategiraffe

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I am blow away at how good this series is written. The characters are so engaging. I love Bran; I really do. I adore Holden, he is just amazing. I understand this is Jesse's story and it is in a way, but I think it's more Holden and Bran's story. The emotions which come through for these well developed characters has me speechless. I really needed this story as the last few books I read have been terrible. This book brought me out of my funk.

Jesse is an angry, arrogant and slightly frightened child. He is petulant in my mind. When something doesn't make sense in the pattern he expects, he has to keep picking and picking until he understands. I get this. I'm similar to Jesse. At times I want to curl and blush with embarrassment. I think, "Am I like Jesse? Do I say things the same way?" I can only groan in my on discomfort as I see pieces of Jesse as reflections of my own flaws.

What I'm most impressed about is Holden and his ability to keep it together. He is the perfect trainer. He is amazing at giving slaves just what they need. I can see why he's so appealing to Jer, Yves, Bran and Alix. I still don't get Kai and I think Kai needs a good ass reaming by Holden. I can only dream. I am truly impressed by Maculategiraffe. So far both books are absolutely amazing. I am looking forward to reading Lee's Story. I highly recommend this book to m/m BDSM lovers who enjoy romance. If this isn't romance, I don't know what is.  Best of all, this book was free.

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