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Lee's Story
Lee's Story by Maculategiraffe

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I dreaded reading this book. Will another foray into this break my heart? Will it make me rage against the inhumanity? Will I still love Holden? Will I still not like Valor? Will I still be confused about Alix and Holden's marriage? Will I still adore Bran? The answer is YES to every question!

Lee is the latest abused slave of Dunaev. Lord Dunaev is a piece of work. His inadequacies are taken out on his slaves. We learn more about this slave world. The injustice of it as well as how it keeps crime low. The premise is interesting. A child is sold by parents to give the child a better life. Yet the child immediate ceases to be a human and becomes a property. As property, the child can be killed and no one will blink an eye. The purpose of the slaves from my understanding is to keep riffraff off the streets.

Lee becomes a catalyst for a movement to protect slaves from such abuse. Interesting points are brought up. How much legislation is required to protect? Will it go overboard? The system is not perfect, but for the most part, it seems to be working. A group of idealistic young free youths decide to use this to make a point. They want to use the photos of Lee's abused body at the hands of his master to showcase the atrocities. The two leading this are Valor and her new girlfriend, Robin.

Valor is still the pretentious, spoiled, self-centered, arrogant, immature, thoughtless, temper tantrum throwing little shit. Well, she does take after her mother. I always thought Greta was a little manipulative useless bitch. Now that we know who her father is, I'm even more disgusted. I don't understand Alix. How could she have loved her last master? I see nothing redeeming about him. It's all so confusing for me. The women in this story are just odd.

Let's talk about Valor's new nasty ass girlfriend, Robin. Robin is a rude immature cunt. I can't stand her. She has impulse control issues and she is a disgrace. The reason why she hates abusive slave owners is because if she was a slave owner, she'd be an abusive one. No matter how many times Denys (another member of the Scooby Abolish Slavery Gang) tries to tell us that Robin is good, I don't buy it. Her actions speak louder than words. I hold nothing but contempt for this child. She needs a good caning. She's a liability for the group she's working for, instead of a asset. I could go on about how much I dislike her.

While this story is about Lee's recovering, it's really about Holden. His epiphanies shake his beliefs. His self questioning is painful to watch. I don't agree at all when Valor is compared to Holden. I don't see how they are alike. Perhaps it is because we haven't seen Holden when he was younger. Holden is an amazing human being. He's not flawless. He tries his best. I find him perfect. What he does for his slaves and other slaves he trains, it's exactly what is needed. Yes, he is a psychiatrist who also trains in sex and obedience. I call him the slave whisperer. Love him.

Even though this story is not fully edited, it's still written so well. The story is captivating. The writing voice pulls me. This author is truly gifted. I can't tell if there is more show or tell, I just know that I follow each part of the story as if I'm standing here, silently watching. The sex is hot. The emotions invoked in me are so strong. I highly recommend this book to m/m readers who enjoy slave stories which tackle ideology while running smack up against reality.

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