Review: Lustfully Ever After: Fairy Tale Erotic Romance

Lustfully Ever After: Fairy Tale Erotic Romance
Lustfully Ever After: Fairy Tale Erotic Romance by Kristina Wright

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Heat Rating: Spark

Sting (Kink) Rating: 4 Stars

Story Review Rating: 4 Paddles

Do you fondly remember fairy tales read to you before bedtime? Even if you don’t, these lustfully delightful reinterpretation of fairy tales are a delicious read before “bed” time. After a few of the stories, it’s time to get busy with your lover.

In Lustfully Ever After, the popular fairy tales of Red Riding Hood, Snow White, Twelve dancing princesses, Pinocchio and more are tastefully twisted into maledom, femdom and even transgender sexiness. It is hard to pick just one I enjoyed most. Each story stroked my desire just a bit hotter. I enjoyed every lick, stroke and especially the bondage. There is flavour for everyone to enjoy. Red Riding Hood started it of with a hot F/f/m ménage. Little Red Riding hood is not so little. Her grandmother is not so helpless either. I wish there was a bit of shifter sex in it with the wolf. Alas we are teased with stories of debauchery about the big bad wolf. It seems he is in high demand in every woman’s bed.

One that surprised me was the story of Pinocchio. This was a nice reinterpretation of becoming a real boy. It began a bit slow with a very angry and ungrateful child who disrespects poor adopted father Giuseppe. Pinocchio did go wild, in the heated nights of Miami. I like the blue fairy. Where do I find one of her? The ending was fast and sweet.

All the stories follow a pattern which brought a consistency I enjoyed. They all held an enough of the original story to make them easily recognizable. The author artfully perverted it with hot kinky sex. The ending left us wanting more. These fairy tales are tart and sweet with a lovely happily ever after ending. These are not the Grimm fairy tales of non con and sadism. It would be in interesting collection if the next one is filled with the grittier and more intense sides of BDSM. I recommend this kinky collection of fairy tales to those who enjoy it steamy and sexy.

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