Review: Master's Dungeon

Master's Dungeon
Master's Dungeon by Alex Morgan

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

There are so many things in this story that were wrong for me that I ended up settling with a 1 star. I want to ensure that everyone reading this book realizes this is a dark fantasy - not plausible nor recommended as an example of the BDSM lifestyle. Well, it would be a good example of what not to do and what the BDSM lifestyle is not.

Let's start with the writing. This is one of the most annoying writing styles I've come across. I'm pretty lenient too. Unless the author is a poet like E.E. Cummings, the lowercase usage was beyond annoying. It did not enhance the story whatsoever and instead, it distracted. Writing W/we in parts of the book was entirely unnecessary. For sentences to not start with the first word using standard capitalization is also very annoying. I understand the reasoning for it, I just find it pointless.

The characters were annoying. The only one I really liked was the character alpha. His death was surreal. Master Mike was designed as an okay Dom. He wasn't good or bad. I couldn't see why so many flocked to him and wanted his attention. Best I can figure is that he's rich and doesn't work. So he lives the life as a Lord of Leisure and keeps his boi toys in the style they want. He's the quintessential sugar daddy. Todd was just flat out annoying.

Todd possesses an inflated perception of himself. Authors tend to create characters who have terrible self esteem. Todd is the exact opposite. He's not exactly cocky. What he is, is the kid who brags to everyone he received a trophy. The trophy is actually for showing up to the contest, not even participating because he's completely unqualified and clueless. I couldn't stand Todd. With the book from his point of view, it was even worse. I could only hope he'd be killed. His sole desire to become a slave is so he can shirk his responsibilities in the real world. He doesn't want a job. He had no purpose in life. I have no respect for people like this which causes me to find Todd completely disengaging.

BDSM reality check meter

I've never had to do this in a book review. I guess there is always a first. While the BDSM was good for me and I enjoyed it, it's because I'm versed in the lifestyle. For the most part, the BDSM portions of this, I enjoyed and would rate it a 3 star. Since this story comes across as a possible contemporary realistic BDSM story, I'm going to make a few points. For those who are not versed in BDSM lifestyle, here's some guidance.

1. Never bind a person, gag them and then leave them alone. If something were to happen, there would be no way to help them. Generally the result is death.

2. Really? Leaving a person tied up for four days or more? As a fantasy story, this works. In reality, let's talk nerve damage and permanent paralysis.

3. Snuff? Really? Where exactly does a person dispose of all these bodies?

4. Since this was a training of slaves, where the hell was the negotiation of hard limits? Seriously? Demanding to be in control of a life or death as a TPE is a bit ludicrous.

If this was written in a way that it's obviously a dark fantasy, I probably would have rated this book higher. But because it was written in a contemporary fashion and coming across as how the lifestyle works, it dropped in rating. I've read much harder non-con and con BDSM than this. They didn't give me the same ill at ease feeling. This book is probably best for the BDSM reader who is well versed in what is real and what is not.

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