Review: The Mayor's Daughter I: Draft Pony

The Mayor's Daughter I:  Draft Pony
The Mayor's Daughter I: Draft Pony by Will Versuch

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Jessica is a wild child and apparently a bit of a disgrace for daddy, the mayor. When Jessica is pulled over for speeding, she receives the shock of her life. Instead of warning or a ticket, she's hauled in to jail due to an outstanding warrant. Or is she?

Instead, Jessica is taken to a place and turned into a pony girl. Jessica is really not that bad a girl. Instead, she's a spoiled little brat who is a liability for her father. Jessica still hopes that daddy dearest will pay the ransom for her kidnapping. I kind of hope he doesn't, because I enjoyed every humiliation visited upon Jessica. This dark fantasy is AWESOME! Definitely a 3.5 star story for me. Every depraved act was hot. I loved how the kidnapper set her up for failure every single time. Jessica was also no dummy which I liked. I am happy Mr. Versuch created a character who was not a pitiful whiner. She's not someone I believe will survive the training intact, but the fun in breaking her makes it that much better for me.

I have to commend Mr. Versuch's sadistic methods in training Jessica now renamed as Sierra. The sleep deprivation, bodily function controls and electrocution were well done. The waterplay was more than I really cared for, but that is because it is a hard limit for me. Still, it was well written and enhanced the cruelty.

The writing is a bit choppy. I'm not sure how to explain it other than the transitions were not smooth for me. It could be that there was a bit too much telling rather than showing which made it harder for me. I never used to be that picky about writing styles. Still, the story did move at a decent trot with no extra useless tangents. Mr. Versuch wrote a tightly focused story with every little thread tied off nicely. Even the "surprise" was confirmed in a manner which closed the loop nicely. I highly recommend this story to pony play readers who want a good non con capture story. I'll be reading more of Mr. Versuch.

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