Review: Rogues

Rogues by Ava March

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A fitting conclusion to the romantic Brook Street trilogy. Linus and Robert are love them and leave them types. Linus is focused on male hook ups. For Robert, a woman lasting more than a week is a long term relationship. Robert sleeps with all sorts of women, except when it comes to his friend, Linus.

The meaningless sex makes sense once it's revealed that Linus and Robert want each other. The fears they each have hold them back from talking to each other about it. When Robert makes the first move, predictably, Linus backs away. Robert's stalker attitude is cute. His jealousy is understandable. Linus's fear of being the flavour of the week is believable. The conflict in this story is based on lack of communication. This is a trope that I'm not particularly fond of reading. Still, the romance is sweet.

I liked both Linus and Robert. The characters are what made the story for me. Linus is the protector type. Robert is the sensitive one who works hard for his family. He's loyal and a wonderful friend. I can easily see a side story with Linus and Robert experiment with BDSM or menage. They actually seem the couple who might add a third person for some kinky fun. The third could be woman or man. I'd be delighted to see either. This historical romance is recommended for m/m lovers who like friends to lover happily ever after endings.

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