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Siren in Bloom
Siren in Bloom by Sophie Oak

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I am HUGE Sophie Oak fan. I love her books. I was a bit surprised when I read this book and it took more than one sitting. I love Wolf and Leo and was eagerly anticipating their story. Plus, I enjoy the Bloom series for their BDSM. Specifically, I find Julian so bloody hot. His attitude, the way he runs his club and specifically his Dom-ness. (Is Dom-ness even a word?)

It was a huge shock for me to hate the first 25% of the book. I was so damn irritated. Wolf was a good guy. Leo had his head up his ass, but I could understand. Julian's manipulation drove me batty. What really killed it for me was Dani and Finn's comment when they spoke with Shelley. They perfected the art of "topping from the bottom" and implied that it's something Shelley needs to learn. Anyone who knows me, knows that this is a hot button for me. I lost all respect for Dani and Finn. I don't care to read any scenes with them in there. They lost all credibility for me in addition to undermining my belief of Julian as a good Master or Dom. I no longer think well of Julian since he lets his subs top from the bottom. Oh well, there goes this series for me.

Since it's Ms. Oak, I plowed along through, getting more and more irritated. I wanted to slap Shelley upside the head. She is too stupid to live. What is her problem? Does she really think she can protect herself or others better than four former SEAL members? Seriously, what is wrong with her? WHY is she so f-ing stupid? I nearly gave up with the book at her stupidity. How could Ms. Oak create such a dumb ass character? Was this book going to end up with a 1 star for me? Is this the end of my love affair with Ms. Oak's writing? I was very depressed at this point because I completely count on Ms. Oak to bring me out of a reading funk. She's succeeded every time before. No one is perfect.

On a side note, I did like Kitten. She really did it for me in the book. I want to learn more about her. I like her. She's pretty funny and quirky. I hope there is a story, even if it is just a novella which we can learn more about her. I can guess that she's been either tortured past a point or she saw someone tortured in a bad way. Oddly enough, I find her 3rd person reference rather charming. Perhaps it's because when I'm furious, I refer to myself in 3rd person too.

Back to the story, the writing is very well done. I mean, this is Ms. Oak. Her storyline flows. The scenes are plausible and very believable. The dialog is spot on and of course, the sex is hot. The humour is all still there. I guess perhaps I just didn't like Shelley and it killed it for me. She's the type of woman I want to really beat some sense into and despair that anything positive would result in it. What I really don't get is why a handsome duo like Leo and Wolf would want her. This is what really bugs me. Here are two awesome guys who more or less have it together. What is so attractive about Shelley? According to Shelley, she's not beautiful and her body is overweight. She doesn't have any sense of logic I can tell. She's not even a good submissive. WHY THE HELL WOULD ANY IN DEMAND DOM want to have anything to do with her? I wouldn't.

Here's another thing about Shelley. She made a mistake with her first husband. I get that. Things happen. She was in a very bad way and in a vulnerable position. I mean, she nearly got killed and also pimped out to a Mexican brothel. Now, if someone survived this horror, wouldn't she want to do something about it? Wouldn't she want to make sure she would never be in a disadvantage like this again? Apparently people like Shelley don't think that way. Had it been me, I'd have taken self defense classes and learned how to shoot a gun. Shelley - nope. She doesn't do anything except look longingly at Leo from a distance and wonder why he won't talk to her. Really? Dumb bitch - he tried to help you and you turned him down. You picked your drug dealing, money laundering abusive husband instead of the white knight in shining armour. Gee, I wonder why he doesn't want you. You stupid C.U.N.T. (As Chef Ramsey would say. Yes, he says cow, but I know he says cunt and it is just bleeped out.) I'm not even going to go into her handling of Wolf's gun. I nearly demanded, "SHELLEY MUST DIE!"

I think we have now established that I can't stand Shelley. Now you all must be wondering why the hell I still rated this as 3 star. Is it because I'm a devoted fan of Ms. Oak? Is it because I'm bias? No. Actually, the writing is probably more a 4 star because it moved me. The humour had me a 4 star. This is probably a 3.5 star book despite my abhorrence to the train wreck, Shelley. What did it for me is the last 30% of the book. Ms. Oak turned the situation around. It was so smooth. Leo's epiphany and his talk with Wolf did it for me. Even though Wolf did a dumbass thing, I still forgave him. Word to the wise, if you are going to eavesdrop, listen to the entire bloody conversation. Taking words out of context is not going to help.

I did like one line particular in the story which had me loving Ms. Oak. Leo mentions about writing a book and tells Shelley she wouldn't be a heroine because she's one of those TSTL characters. O_o I thought, "No she didn't. Did she? Did Ms. Oak just call her character TSTL? She DID! W.T.H? This is all tongue in cheek, isn't it? We ARE supposed to despise Shelley. HAH!"

What it comes down to it, Shelley is a sensor. Her strengths are her feelings, emotions and her loyalty. She wants to help others. She doesn't have the personality, attitude or mental capacity to think logically. It just isn't in her. I can't really hold it against her. I know people like this in real life. They have no common sense or logic. They are nice people and I like them. I just don't want to be involved with them because they would drive me crazy. Shelley is like that. It's neither good nor bad - just frustrating. I recommend this book to romance lovers who are okay with TSTL heroine who need not one but TWO knights in shining armour to keep her out of trouble.

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