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Wrath by Laurann Dohner

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Wrath is a good name for 919. The appalling breed program he was forced into with his sperm constantly forced out of him just makes me ill. It's one thing if this was BDSM non con story. It's another thing when these men are treated as animals used just for their stud services. I am glad Wrath was rescued and is now a part of the team to rescue other NSO.

Based on how the f-ed Dr. was draining Wrath of his sperm, I'm surprised he can be around any woman, let alone be attracted to a human woman. I'd think he is scarred for life. Fortunately, he is not like Vengeance and he finds Lauren to help him overcome his trauma.

Lauren and her best friend Amanda have been following the NSO news and both are drooling fan girls. Or maybe groupies? Perhaps it is Amanda more so than Lauren. Regardless, Lauren is thrown into the NSO world by her co-workers. It's one of those, once you are pulled into this world, there is no going back.

Lauren is no victim and she's pretty smart. I liked how she thought on her feet. This is book six and figured the main female lead would be just like all the others. She's not. The only thing she has in common is that she is short. What is with all these short women? Can't we have at least one Amazonian? There can't be that many short women in the world. (Says the 5'2" woman.)

This series is definitely growing on me. I've enjoyed all the ones I've read this weekend. I went to go buy the next one, Tiger. I like Tiger. I hope to read one on Flame too. One of these days, it would be nice to read one about the women. I'd like to read about Breeze or Midnight. I recommend this fast read to those who enjoy a good romance where the lead female is not dummy and can save not only herself, but her white knight.

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