30 Days of Kink Day 22: What do you think is important in keeping a BDSM relationship healthy? How does it differ from a vanilla relationship?

I honestly don't think there is much of a difference between a BDSM and a Vanilla relationship when it comes to being healthy.  Both require trust and communication.  The more of both, the better.  The difference for me is a BDSM relationship seems to emphasize this more due to the nature of the scenes that can occur.  This is because there can be more instances of misunderstanding and possible injury.  In addition, there can be more defined roles for people.  I believe people inherently prefer structure in their lives.  Even those who say they hate it and are against it, without the structure, there is nothing they are railing against.  


Sultry Summers said…
Greettings - To save me I couldn't find a way to get a message to you - First of all I would like to say it has come latetenly to my attention one reader has caused a - "dither"on goodreads on a review of my book Submissions In Time. Be assured your opinion is yours and ends there. I suppose 'she' took it for an offense - who knows, I didn't, and I wrote it. I am sorry you perhaps thought it was heavier into BD/SM tham it was - I use to write much strong in that genre but not so much in later years. After looking at your review "paddle" awards, I'm not really upset by the rating you gave it. Its in good company. Sascha is a good friend and he had to work to get up there in ratings. Please don't hold a reader's opinion against me. As an author who long ago did write a lighter version of the more indepth BD/SM life style I enjoyed in very much. Have your read Ravished Wings by Marry O Perry? And of course the primmer for all BD/SM - The Story of O and Through the Green Door? I thought theu were good books for their times. Anyway, I too review and know those hazards, you can't please everyone. What you preceive is your opinion and respected as such. No problem here and sorry for any hassles by - readers. I'll get my whip and flail out perhaps I can sharpen old talents and keep them in line. Star TyGer - book one of The Heirs of the Dragon's Eye might, maybe, give you a little more of an interesting read. Possibly. If you'd like to read it - no review required, I'll be glad to send an e-book copy just to enjoy (I Hope)
Myng, a real sociopath in that book goes over into other areas as well.
You certainly are well informed on the subject of BD/SM - played at when I was younger, now - its more a fantasy than a life style.
Hi Sultry, I've sent you an email in response to your comment. No worries. It's all good.

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