30 Days of Kink Day 25: How open are you about your kinks?

I believe this is a funny question because I am extremely open while completely closed about it.  The reason why I'm open is because someone can ask me anything and I'll answer truthfully about my kinks.  My friends who know me well understand I'm an open book about kinky sex.  I also talk about it in a rather boring clinical way so it's not that embarrassing for me.

However, I don't use my legal name.  I also don't share my personal name with the majority of the people in a few social media websites.  Will I ever?  Doubtful.  Hence my claim that I'm pretty closed about my kinks.  If there were no repercussion for my day job, then perhaps I'd be more open and give my real name.  However, I've seen what happens to people who don't even give their real names.  If people disagree with them, suddenly their name, family members, address and children are posted for anyone to blast.  I find this despicable. 

I generally fly low under the radar.  Not many people know my blog exists.  My blog for the most part is just an exercise in keeping my mind occupied and recording my book reviews, as a back up.  Yes, I'm a disaster recovery obsessive person.  In the event Goodreads website was no longer available to me, I still have many of the pieces of information cross posted here for my own benefit.  One could pose that this blog could go away too.  Yes, that is very true.  Which is why all my reviews and things I've posted here are backed up on my laptop in addition to an external harddrive and a cloud secure back up, off site. 

Back to the question at hand, have I made it easy for people to find me if they tried?  Yes.  I'm not doing anything to really hide it.  If I was going to do that, I would have done some things very different from the beginning.  As it is, it will be easily to disappear if I ever needed to go.  People tend to have a very short memory of people when they slowly withdrawn.  After a couple of years, who would remember?  Keyser Soze is one of the most influential characters I've ever come across.


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