30 Days of Kink Day 6: Describe your weirdest/most interesting sexual fantasy

Describe your weirdest/most interesting sexual fantasy.

     Well this would be too telling, wouldn't it? While I enjoy fantasizing, many things I fantasize about is not something I'd want in real life.  Almost everything is dubious con or non con.  Many things are taboo.  My fantasies are played out by free BDSM writers such as Surtea and the more recently published H. Dean.  The published authors who are closest to my depraved fantasies are N.T Morley and J.J. Argus.  These are the ones who capture the essence in the taboo BDSM I enjoy thinking about yet will never try in real life.

   Why are these alluring?  The utter loss of control is heady for me.  While I do not believe I could be a 24/7 TPE slave or even submissive, the concept of it at times really turns me on.  Not only this, but the humiliation factor is also a turn on.  I'm not sure exactly why.  I also enjoy the forced f/f.  Truth be told, it wouldn't be much of a "force" situation in a f/f licking.

     I also love to fantasize about the extreme body modification.  I wouldn't want this in real life, again.  Thinking about it and coming up with some of the depraved and nasty changes which may or may not be feasible in real life is a huge turn on.  Of course, the body modification has to be done in a non con way.  I will admit that some of my stories I've written showcase my fantasies.  Just click on the musings at the top of my website to see what I fantasize about.


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