30 Days of Kink Day 7: What’s your favorite toy?

What’s your favorite toy?

     Is it possible to have just one favourite toy?  Are we talking about toys like my Jopen v11?  Or are we talking about BDSM toys?  I guess since I don't have a submissives, I don't have a favourite sex pet toy.

     My favourite vibrator toy is definitely the Jopen v11.  This toy can be found on http://www.jopen.com/ or Amazon.  Yes, Amazon sells my favourite vibrator and it is Prime shipping!  Sometimes it is at a really good price, other times it goes up.  It is even in my favourite colour.  You can read all about it here.

     My favourite kinky tool would be either the flogger or the Chinese firecups.  The flogger I prefer gives a thuddy feeling.  I'm not as fond of stingy.  The Chinese Firecups I love because of the suction and the fireplay aspect of it. My spouse indulges me with some flogging once in a while.  We have not worked up to firecupping yet.  I'm eager to try it soon.

     What I have been eye-ing for a while and just haven't bought it - the monkey rocker.  https://www.monkeyrocker.com/home.html

I think it would be great for anal training...


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