Review: Abandoned

Abandoned by Silvia Violet

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The Romance Review

Betrayed by the man you loved to suffer in a prison where you are broken in mind and body, what would you do when you see him again? This is the question Derek has to answer when he's captured by Lark. He wasn't expecting to see Lark, his former partner, running a hellhole prison on a god-forsaken planet.

Lark is working deep undercover in a crap location he hates. It's in exchange for a favour to save Derek. What Lark doesn't know is that Derek was not saved in time. This is a sad story all around. When they meet again and the missing pieces are revealed, they realize there is someone in their former employer selling agents out. This brings Derek and Lark back on the same side.

This is a hot little story. If you look up the phrase "sexual tension", you will see a picture of Lark and Derek glaring at each other. Sometimes the look is of desperate need; other times it is of unresolved love. Yes, only the one you love could hurt you so bad. Derek has a thing for Lark and vice versa. When the two of them actually get it on, I'm surprised my fingers weren't singed and my Kindle wasn't smoking.

The dominance games pushed me just a bit over the edge and I liked it. It gave this little story that smexy edge I enjoy. I only wish Ms. Violet would take it further. Her books seem to just cross that line to tantalize and then pull back. The control collar with the leash had me all hot and bothered. It probably wouldn't enhance the story by getting too depraved and dirty with the forced sexual submission, but I would have loved it. It's not really Ms. Violet's writing style to include non-con. I forgive her because her plots and character development are enjoyable.

This is the first in a series and I'm hooked. I want to read the next one. There are still answers to questions, which are outstanding. Who betrayed them? Will there be more kinky D/s sex? How often will Derek now use the control collar on Lark and will we be the fly on the wall watching?

I recommend this hot m/m sci-fi story to those who enjoy a bit of angst with hot smexy revenge sex.

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